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Emily CottonTop was created in 2009 and the purpose of the blog at that time was just a really cool way to document my own topsy-turvy natural hair journey.

After two years of blogging, I got bored of the whole thing, I was tired of talking about my hair, I no longer felt that my hair story added any value to the blogging world and I needed to step back for a bit.

During my hiatus, I took some time to learn the business and I made it a point to never stop writing or learning about hair.

If there was one thing my hiatus taught me was that it is ok to take a break from hair once in awhile so I also wanted a space where I could write about other things that interest me and the young urban millennial. With that said in addition to hair, you can visit my business category, my culture and celebrity based blog posts.

Currently, I am the senior editor for a few different platforms and write articles freelance as well. This blog will tell you a lot about me and my personality through its posts because I typically only post what inspires me and what I think will inspire my audience.

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