10 Kid-Appropriate Protective Hairstyles You Can Take To The Salon For Inspiration

kid-appropriate protective hairstyles

One of my readers sent me a note the other day asking for some suggestions on kid-appropriate protective hairstyles she could take to the salon for her daughter’s next visit.

I gave her a few of my faves and thought, why not share a few of them here as well. The best advice I can give to any parent trying to manage the natural hair for your son or daughter during the hottest months of the year is to invest time in protective styles weekly.

Since they are off for the Summer you might find it easier to just take them to the salon and get their hair done for 2 weeks at a time and they can have a little fun with their hair as well since they aren’t in school.

Here are 15 kid-appropriate protective hairstyles we recommend for your little one:

Braids and Beads

kid-appropriate protective hairstyles

There are so many options when it comes to cornrow styles and beads! These are three that I loved! The kids can have fun picking out the colors that they like for their hair every time they do the style.

Crochet and Bantu Knots

If she wants to play a little bit, try a crochet style and if the bantu knots are hard to sleep on just swap them out for twists.

Party in the front – Braided style

Double buns with accessories

kid-appropriate protective hairstyles

Threading style

kid-appropriate protective hairstyles

This is a threading style done by Youtuber Discovering Natural for her daughter. If you want to try it just google threading salons or you can try to do it yourself.

Watch below:

Double cornrows

Absolutely loved how simple and neat these were!

Intricate ponytail

kid-appropriate protective hairstyles

This one is super cute, I think mom @shanillia26 did an amazing job, watch how she did it below:

Quick video of Janelle’s latest hairstyle. ❤❤❤❤ I wanted to go for a ‘stitch braid look’ for those of you who dont know how to do real stitch braids. I opted for the plastic little bands instead of regular rubber bands because they are thinner and will be less visible underneath the big braids. The big ponytail braids is called a pull-through braid and its a very quick ans easy variation on the regular braid. I really love the fluffy texturised look of it! SONG: NUBIAN DELIGHT BY ACRONYM —– I used the #curlyq kidsline of @curls . Started by adding moisture with the #moistcurlsmoisturizer then defining her curls it with the #curlyqgellesc which gives her curls so much life and shine! ❤❤❤ —- #frizzfreecurls #blueberryblisscollection and #curlyqs are available at www.curls.biz and select boutiques such as @myluxekids #growandslay #ad ———-

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Loc Style

kid-appropriate protective hairstyles

This style should last a good month or so! This young lady might be actually locing her hair but the style can definitely be unraveled once the protective period is over.

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