10 Not So Secret Tips To Maximum Hair Growth And Retention


I have received quite a few emails asking me about products to use for hair growth or overnight fixes for hair growth and ways to deal with hair loss.

Let me be the first to say that I understand and I am very sensitive to the need to achieve growth goals as quickly as possible especially when it seems like year after year your hair is the same length.

With that said it is important to have a working knowledge of what it is that will give you the most success with your hair and in this post I want to share 10 not so secret tips for maximum growth and retention:

Tip 1 – Healthy body and exercise

This tip will always be first because hair growth starts from within and what you eat feeds your hair follicles and keeps the process of growth going. Foods rich in magnesium, Vitamin A and healthy fats all aid in hair health, Vitamin C and D are also vital for your bodies health and for the health of your hair.

It is hard (believe me I know) but if you remain as alkaline in your diet as you can your hair will benefit greatly from it.

Working out in addition to a healthy diet naturally increases circulation to the scalp which leads to great growth! It is just that simple, so stay active!

Tip 2 – Drink loads of water

If you want beautiful skin and hair, you have to get those gallons in your diet daily. Personally, I have to focus on drinking my water, because if I just wait until I am thirsty then I will not get enough in for the day. The key to drinking more water is being deliberate about it.

Do not sleep on water! The benefits for your hair are unimaginable!

Tip 3 – Quality products

I am no product pusher but I will encourage my readers to really look at the ingredient lists of the products they choose to put in their hair and I do not support product companies that are just plain unhealthy.

Your hair is the same as your body in the sense that it might initially respond great to a product that is not so healthy and then you feel the after effects of the bad ingredients later.

With our body, we might eat a juicy burger or some junk food and it might taste good initially but there are no nutrients for our body to use so the food was useless.

Picking quality products has nothing to do with price but it has everything to do with the fine print if you can understand the label and you know what is going into your hair you can make a better decision on whether that product is good for you.

Tip 4 – Deep Conditioning

Black hair, relaxed or natural, colored or texturized is naturally dry, dry, dry! Deep conditioning puts back moisture into our strands and can keep the hair strong when we use a balanced mix of protein and moisture agents.

Get into the habit of deep conditioning weekly. [Click page 2]


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