13 Beauty Room Essentials That You Need To Buy Right Now

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A beauty room is a dedicated area or space in your home or apartment that is dedicated to all things beauty and hair. It is the ultimate girl cave!

It can be used for storage for all of your beauty essentials, it can be used as a beauty studio, beauty office, or just a room for all things glam.  

If you are a beauty YouTuber then a beauty room will be a must as you grow your channel and start to collect products and if you are just starting out this post is for you.

Here are 11 beauty room essentials you should buy right now!

Ring light
beauty room ring light

A ring light is a strip of LED lights that have quite literally been crafted into a ring.

It’s one of the most sought after products among beauty influencers, amateur photographers, and other creatives because it provides direct light from all angles and doesn’t cast unflattering shadows.

Whether you’re taking pictures for Instagram or just doing a quick look at your daily activities, a ring light will help assist you in doing your hair and makeup with more clarity and precision.

It brightens up those spots you miss and accurately shows colors and shades that may be altered under a bathroom light.

Desk with multiple drawers

It’s a no-brainer that every beauty room needs a desk. You have a million and one products, a huge mirror, various lights, and you want to sit all of them on the floor?


Get yourself a desk to keep everything organized and easy to access. It’s important that your desk has drawers because the surface can get a little cluttered and messy with all your products, tools, and accessories piled next to or on top of each other.

With drawers, you can separate all of your things by category and grab them when you need them.

Makeup Organizer

Makeup organizers are really important when you have makeup and beauty tools that you use regularly and don’t really want to tuck them away in a box or drawer.

The organizer will allow you to separate everything into its proper category, keep a neat and tidy desk or table, and have easy access to everything you need.

Likewise, you can place smaller organizers inside your drawers and on your shelves to keep everything you have there organized and separated as well.


beauty room shelves

Like drawers, shelves keep your items neat, organized, and easy to reach. They’re also great starting points for decorating your beauty room with plants, pictures, and any other items that can’t be sat on tables or the floor.

Shelves can also be used as additional storage units for larger items. It’s great for displaying wigs that are on wig heads or creating your own “beauty bar” for hair, skin, and makeup products.

Full-Length Mirror

beauty room mirrorIf you have a vanity or a mirror on your desk or table for when you do your hair and makeup, that’s great!

But what about a mirror for when you need to assess your whole look? A full-length mirror will show you everything from head to toe.

The best part? They’re relatively inexpensive! You can purchase one from anywhere between $10-$600!

Thermal Mat

beauty roomIf you’re someone who uses flat irons, curling irons or blow dryers a lot, then you know the hassle of doing your hair in a room that’s not the bathroom.

It can be pretty unsafe to sit down a hot styling tool on the carpet or table, and getting up to do our hair in the bathroom almost defeats the purpose of a beauty room.

Instead of putting yourself through so much stress, just purchase a thermal mat. It’ll protect your furniture and give your heat tools a safe place to cool down.

Ergonomic chair

beauty room chairAn ergonomic chair sounds fancy, but it’s really just a chair that allows you to adjust the seat height, headrest, arm support, back angle, and also gives you some extra support for your lower back—like most office chairs.

Investing in one of these chairs is especially important if you consistently do makeup and hair looks that take a while to finish. Or if you just want to roll around on the wheels, that’s cool, too!

Memory foam seat cushion

Ergonomic chairs and other comfortable furniture can immediately get pretty pricey. If you’re looking for an inexpensive option, try a memory foam seat cushion.

These cushions are exactly like the beds: soft, supportive, and long-lasting. Most memory foam seat cushions support both your lower back and your bottom, and cost less than $40!

Coffee mug warmer
A coffee mug warmer is like a hot plate—but solely for liquids. All you have to do is plug it in and then you can use it to heat up coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soup, and other warm liquids.

This is great for those cold mornings when we need our coffee to wake us up; or when we’re in a rush and have to eat breakfast whilst getting dressed. It’s definitely worth the buy because it’s cute, cheap, and super convenient. 

Cleaning wipes
Looking our best is not without the mess. Foundation eyeshadow, lipstick, hair gel, moisturizer, and a host of other things all have the tendency to get on our hands and furniture at times. Let’s not even talk about those accidental spills!

Because it might be a hassle to get up and wash and wipe down things every time an accident happens, it would be in your best interest to invest in a couple of packs of cleaning wipes.

And if you really want to go the extra mile, grab some of the non-toxic, eco-friendly biodegradable cleaning wipes. 

Skincare mini fridge
beauty room fridgeA skincare fridge may be more of a luxury than it is a necessity, but if you’re super into skincare and are constantly buying expensive creams, treatments, and washes, this is right up your ally.

Skincare fridges don’t make your products more effective, but they keep them fresh and help them last longer. Colder temperatures also keep harmful bacteria at bay which is really important when dealing with products that go directly on your skin. 

Rug and curtains

beauty room essentials

Did you know that rugs can be great sound absorbers, so having a gorgeous rug not only looks great but it can help with filming as well.

Curtains are great if you have a ton of windows in your room and you can control the natural light easily.

Other essentials:
decorative wallpaper
art and decor
portable speakers

Need a visual?

Check out Shalom Blac’s minimalist beauty room tour:

By the way, if you are looking for gadgets for your home office, check out the list we did on Mrcottontop here.

Do you have a beauty room? Comment below and let us know what you consider an essential for you.

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