11 LGBTQ+-Owned Lifestyle Brands to Shop and Support Today


Whether you’re looking for the best pride gift for your fabulous BFF or genderqueer partner, or just a fresh, gender-inclusive LGBTQ+-owned fit for yourself (because you deserve some spoils too), we’ve found some pretty adorbs picks that truly fit the bill.

Additionally, most of the LBGTQ+-owned brands below stand for and support causes that create safe workplaces for gay and queer folx, gender-neutral persons, and marginalized communities – and allow people to express themselves through art and philanthropy freely.

Ahead, eleven LGBTQ+-owned lifestyle brands that should be on your radar throughout pride month and every month to follow – including Black queer-owned, gender-inclusive fashion, and brands queering the beauty industry one eyeshadow palette at a time.


Photo credit: Otherwild studio

If you’re looking for something sexy to wear or Pinterest-unique home décor pieces, scroll through the Otherwild website.

The queer-identifying and woman-owned store was launched decades ago by renowned artist Rachel Berks and has since grown into a thriving design studio and online boutique selling apparel, bags, houseware, makeup, and skincare essentials.

Otherwild collaborates with other LGBTQ+-owned lifestyle brands, creating a community of creativity and inclusivity.

Makoma The Brand

Photo credit: MakomatheBrand

What better way to celebrate inclusivity and love than to infuse your style with one-of-a-kind, global accents by Makoma The Brand, a fashion brand inspired by the African diaspora?

Founded by Judith, an outstanding designer, hairstylist, and co-owner of the inclusive barbershop and salon, Chokmah Hair Lab, Makoma offers a variety of classic silhouettes, stunning dresses, and gorgeous jumpsuits, and recyclable products.

The brand also hosts monthly pop-up shops, so subscribe to their social media pages to see if they’ll host one near you. If they don’t, head to their site, shop your favorite products and dazzle your wardrobe with Makoma’s exclusive picks.

Coco & Breezy

Photo credit: WWD

Scrolling through Instagram or catching up with the latest Netflix documentary on your phone or PC can negatively affect your eyes due to blue light emissions.

Coco & Breezy, a black and queer-owned eyewear brand run by twin designers Corianna and Brianna Dotson, offers sexy blue-light blocking glasses –alongside its stylish range of designer optical glasses and sunglasses.

Coco & Breezy has even designed some cool eyewear for Prince, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga, and global brands like Cîroc, Hershey’s, and Six: 02.

Black Queer Magic

Photo credit: Black Queer Magic

If you believe in tapping into the power of crystals, Black Queer Magic should be your go-to LGBTQ+-owned brand. The jewelry brand founded by self-taught designer Vannesa.B. Miller merges the love for community activism and the therapeutic interventions of jewelry.

Every piece of healing crystal and metal-stamped jewelry allows you to wear positive energy on your wrist or ears and aids in the beautification and reclamation of Black LGBTQ+ bodies.

Roots & Crowns

Photo credit: Roots & Crowns

The small-batch apothecary brand offers you everything you need, from deeply nostalgic bath soaks, energetic and vibrational essential oil perfumes, and magical gender-inclusive elixirs.

It is owned by Max Turk, a vibrant, queer Jewish human who lives to empower other humans and provide them with plant power. Talk about a true modern-day superhero.

If you want to purchase Roots & Crowns self-care products like the Beloved Aphrodisiac Mineral Rich Soak, click here, and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying some incredible LGBTQ+-owned gems.

Brownie Points For You

Photo credit: Brownie Points For You

If you love bold prints and good puns that make people turn, Brownie Points For You is the brand for you. Black-owned and operated by LA-based multidisciplinary artist/writer Rinny Perkins, the lifestyle brand celebrates every individual and offers products that focus on aesthetics and equal rights.

They have bomber jackets and T-shirts with Black colloquialisms like ‘Bad Bitch with Anxiety’ and ‘Don’t Sit on My Bed in Your Outside Clothes.’

There are also need-to-be-said statements such as ‘Your Silence is Complicit and Anti-Black’ and ‘Pay Black Women for Their Labor Instead of Using Them For Diversity Clout’ plastered on mugs.

Alder New York

Photo credit: Alder New York 

Ask any woman who has ever struggled with acne, and she’ll have heard or used Alder New York’s products.

The queer-and woman-owned genderless skincare and haircare brand provides pretty much everything you need to maintain a solid skincare routine, including a glycolic acid cleanser and a lightweight vitamin C moisturizer.

Alder New York also donates to the Ali Forney Center. The organization focuses on protecting LGBTQ+ youths from the dangers of homelessness and empowering them with the tools required to be independent.

Volition Beauty

Photo credit: Volition Beauty

Volition Beauty is not only the first-ever fully crowd-sourced beauty brand but also a successful queer-owned firm.

Founded by Patricia Santos and Brandy Hoffman, the beauty brand allows its fans to submit beauty ideas and watch them come to fruition with a cruelty-free product designed to maintain radiant, healthy skin.

The brand recently tapped renowned LBGTQ+ writer Aja Aguirre to help create their Prismatic Luminizing Shield SPF 50, a sunscreen that gives you a glowy, blurring effect.

Fluide Beauty

Photo credit: Pinterest

From their dazzling glitter eyeliners to iridescent lip-glosses, Fluide Beauty’s fun and expressive makeup is designed for all.

Launched in 2018 by queer co-founder Isabella Giancarlo and CEO Laura Kraber, Fluide is all about championing gender-expansive identities, providing high-impact cosmetics for maximum self-expression, and supporting every form of LGBTQ+ Beauty.

Bonus? Fluide Beauty often holds fun and unique campaigns during pride month! So, if you’re always looking to rock a glittery lip or nail polish named after queer parties or venues like the Brooklyn Lesbian Bar Ginger’s, Fluide is where the party’s at!


ProjectQ is a non-profit that boasts of a team of highly skilled stylists who provide free gender-affirming haircuts, chest binders, clothing, menstrual products, and self-empowering workshops to LGBTQ+ homeless youth.

The super cool, full-service queer-owned hair salon also sells haircare products and LGBTQ+ merch to help fund their efforts.

Stuzo Clothing

Photo credit: Stuzo Clothing

Stuzo Clothing is a  Latin/Black woman LGBTQ+-owned brand that celebrates gender-free ethos.

It’s been a brand of choice for A-listers such as Jada Pinkett Smith, Lena Waithe, Ruby Rose, Spike Lee, and Tiffany Haddish.

There you have it, folks!

Next time you’re looking to spend your dollars or own a nifty gender-inclusive product, now you know where to go!


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