12 Times Skai Jackson Served As Serious Hair Inspo


Skai Jackson is a real one in these streets, the 15 yr old is known for her role as Zuri Ross in the Disney Channel sitcom Jessie, and currently, she is starring in the Disney channel series Bunk’d.

Added to that she also recently launched a clothing line with the brand Nowadays, hailed by Teen Vogue as officially the next person to watch in Fashion!

Not only is Skai stylish but she is always, and I mean always, serving hair inspo on Instagram which is what prompted me to do this post. She really likes to switch things up, doing anything from cute double ponytails to sophisticated updo’s for the red carpet.

I think it is important for young women in Skai’s age group to have someone they can get inspired by as they consider going natural or fully embracing their natural hair and Skai is one of my favorites for doing just that.

Here are 12 times Skai Jackson served as serious hair inspo:

1. Cute bun with long side swept bangs – This style is perfect for school or a day out!

2. Gorgeous braided hair band – Add a simple twist out or braid out in the back to finish the style

3. Very sophisticated yet fun style – Formal in the front with hair jewellery and a full on party in the back!

4. Braided protective style – We do not have a picture of the back but we are guessing it is pinned neatly to create a very cute polished pony

5. Twist out – Loving the shape of her hair for this very simple style, trimmed ends can set of any style.

6. Keeping it funky – What teenager do you know who doesn’t like to rock cute pigtails? – Skai used extension hair to create this look and we think it’s adorable!

7. Keeping it cute with a pompadour braids and pinned ponytail.

8. Sophisticated top knot adorned with some of our favorite rings

9. Braided updo – Gorgeous updo created from her braided protective style

10. Flat twist and mohawk – This might look a bit complicated but make it your own, or take the picture to a stylist who can recreate it.

11. Styled and decorated bun with extentions 

And finally:

12. Freedom fro – Skai allowed her texture to shine through with a few dents and waves keeping it funky with some cornrows on the side

Comment below and let me know which style was your favourite!


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