13 Successful Black Men That Married Black Women That The Traditional Media Never Talks About

Boris and His Wife Nicole Ari Parker

Recently a friend of mine shared a post with me on Facebook that highlighted 30 ‘successful’ black men that were married to white women. The specific caption was:

“30 Black successful men and their wives??? #NotOneSista #KindaBotheredMe #ForRealTho”.

On this list, they had guys like, Eddie Murphy, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordon, Michael Ealy and many others. Look I get it, the “successful black guy marries white girl” stereotype is often created to slander the choice of a black man to choose a wife that is of a different race when they could just marry black.

Personally, I think at the end of the day love is love and it is none of my/our business who a man chooses to be his wife especially if the choice is a healthy one and not one driven by self-hate or hate for the black woman.

I also think that it’s lame for the media to always highlight the guy that marries the white girl and never the hundreds of successful black men that marry black women. I suppose that’s boring since there are so many of them!

Well, allow me to bore you a bit for sh*ts and giggles! Here are 13 successful black men who have married equally successful black women that the media never talks about.

Let’s go:

President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
Denzel and Paulette Washington
Will and Jada Pinkett Smith
James and Simone Smith
Steve and Marjorie Harvey
Will Packer and His Wife Heather
Jcole and his wife Melissa
Jay Z and His Wife Beyonce
Boris and His Wife Nicole Ari Parker
Mekhi and Malinda
Ice Cube and Kimberly Woodruff
Usher and his wife Grace Miguel
Kendrick Lamar and His Gorgeous wife Whitney Alford

This list isn’t even scraping the bucket but in the interest of time, I will end it at 13. The next time there is a post or a list created with intention of slandering black men for marrying white women remember this post!


  1. Why is Kendrick Lamar’s wife the only one labeled gorgeous? All the women are beautiful and gorgeous if you ask me, that’s a hint of shade if you ask me.


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