14 Reasons The #CURLSturns14 Event Was Everything For A New Entrepreneur And Black Woman


Last night I had the pleasure of attending the 14th-anniversary party for CURLS and it was everything for a budding entrepreneur, a customer, and a black woman. The CURLS brand has been in our lives since 2002, and in celebration of their longevity in impact on the hair industry, they threw one epic party.

Here are 14 reasons the CURLS anniversary celebration gave me life:

1. The Museum Of Geometrics and MADI Art Dallas

Curls Event Dallas

The event was held at The Museum Of Geometrics and MADI Art Dallas, they had the most exquisite pieces on the walls and hanging from the ceiling.

CURLS Ceo Mahisha Dellinger and her team added their own flare to the party with cirque performers, a magician, and candy! They also included a Press room where we were able to take pictures and learn more about the brand .

2. The Attendees


The event was hosted by the lovely Eugenia from @Eugeniasays who kept us all on task throughout the event staying true to her personality and had us all smiling.

In addition to Eugenia, there were customers, supporters, the who is who in the blogging community, the CURLS team, Mahisha, and her family. It was cool to see everyone together networking, learning and having a great time.

3. The Branding

CURLS glasses

Branding is huge for me and there is a lot, ALOT you can learn from a very organised and Brand specific event if you are an up and coming entrepreneur.

Julian Addo did the event planning and if you know this dynamic Dallas blogger then you understand why Mahisha would call her to assist with the organisation and the intricacies of this event. I was very impressed and I loved the blueberry theme that was @frizzfreecurls is known for.

4. The Entertainment

Curls Event Dallas

Curls Event Dallas

I have already mentioned the cirque performers and the magician, but did I mention the women on stilts? The music was pretty great too, all 90’s vibes!

5. The Hair

Curls Event Dallas

If you are on Instagram look at the hashtag #CURLSturns14 –you will see so many pictures of gorgeous women with glorious natural hair. Even though it was a hot day our curls all behaved and the women in attendance looked absolutely stunning.

6. The #blackgirlmagic

CURLS Event Dallas

We had the pleasure of witnessing Renee Cottrell Brown Vice President of Johnson Product Company receive the first ever CURLS award from Ceo Mahisha Dellinger. There is so much hair history standing there in that picture, think Afro Sheen and Ultra Sheen since 1954. Greatness for sure!

7. The Candy

CURLS event Dallas

As a huge gummi bear and skittles fan, there was no way I could not give the candy its own line item. The candy was everywhere, so signature, so CURLS so much fun! — PAGE 2


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