16 Babies Rocking Baby Turbans You Just Have To See + Tutorial


I hope you have your heart emojis ready because these little babies are so adorable in their baby turbans they make your heart skip a beat.

I saw some pictures of babies in turbans on facebook and realised, this is most definitely a thing and while they might not keep the turban on for long, you might get baby girl to keep it on long enough for a photo op or selfie.

Check out 16 little princesses and their turbans plus a tutorial from Jessica Pettway on how she does it on herself and her little baby girl:

baby turban 2

baby turban 3

baby turban 4

baby turban 5

baby turban 6

baby turban 7

baby turban 9

baby turban 10

baby turban 11

baby turban 12

Watch mommy Jessica Pettway tie her turban and then her baby girls turban right after:

baby turban 13

baby turban 14

baby turban 15

baby turban 16

baby turban 17

baby turban

My darn ovaries! –Sigh



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