19 Hair Hacks Every Natural Should Know


I love hair hacks because they make life so much easier and if you have natural hair, any tips and tricks that are useful that save time are always a plus.

Here are 8 hacks I live by:

1. Easy and fast hair refresher spray that you can use every morning or anytime your hair gets dry – Water, cheap conditioner, and a little bit of oil, in a spray bottle. (Shake well before use)
2. Use a plastic bag as a steaming cap instead of an expensive store bought cap
3. I use a T-shirt to help dry my hair on wash days
4. I always amp up a deep conditioner that does nothing for me by adding oils, honey or even eggs
5. I keep my leave in conditioner in the fridge especially during the Summer time or if I have Aloe Vera Juice in the mix. The cold water seals the cuticles of the hair
6. I rarely use a toothbrush for my edges but when I do want my edges to look great, I always have one ready
7. Shea butter and a scarf is a great way to lay your edges instead of using edge control.
8. Deep condition your hair using food in your pantry or fridge – eggs and mayo for protein, bananas and honey for moisture, black tea for shedding and so much more.

In the below video Melissa Denise describes 19 hair hacks every natural should know, some of them I have listed above and a few others I think you will like.

Watch this video

What hair hacks do you use for your natural hair? Share below:


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