20 Easy To Create – Up Do Styles For Type 4 Hair


Picture this! Your hair is done, meaning wash day is over, your hair is clean, its moisturized and you are about to go out but you have no idea what to do.

Type 4 hair is unique because it’s the type of hair that you can mold into something that can be a casual slay if you just get your creative juices flowing. As a matter of fact no two styles that you create will be the same even when you use the same method.

Updo’s will always be a fun favorite of mine but knowing just what to do especially in a time crunch might not be easy. In this post, I want to show you 20 gorgeous updo styles within the type 4 category that you can try and make your own.

All of these styles were found on my Pinterest, check them out:

Some styles will require the use of tools like the picture above where Toni from My natural sistas used a curling wand to achieve the free-form curls in the front. If you want to see her video, click here.

One of the easiest ways to create an updo is to start with loose twists then you can tuck and roll these twists to create something unique that is perfect for whatever occasion you are styling for.

Of course I could not let you leave this post without a video example. Check out @westAfricababy’s rendition of a cute tuck and roll updo style:

There you have it! Comment below and let us know which style was your fave!


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