20 Things Only Girls With A Weave Will Understand


If you wear a weave often then chances are you have had either one or all of these experiences! Here are 20 things only girls with weave understand:

1. Getting the question – Is that your real hair?

2. Patting your head when your extensions itch.

3. Explaining to people that you’re not bald and wear extensions because you love it.

4. Telling your new boyfriend you wear extensions and watching his smile fade.

5. Freaking out when people touch your hair.

One word: uncomfortable.

6. Feeling like a million bucks with a fresh weave (you know what I mean).

7. Buying cheap extensions and PRAYING TO GOD AlieExpress has accurate reviews.

I’m saving for my new apartment.

8. Being able to spot bad extensions a mile away.

Is that a track I see?

9. Getting called insecure because you wear extensions.

10. Being told the disadvantage of extensions.

11. The questions are endless: “What brand of hair do you wear? Does it shed? How much?


12. Your hair dresser going MIA

13. Finding out that “virgin hair” doesn’t always mean virgin.

14. Seeing girls with no edges and hoping it never happens to you.

Glossy_Finds15. Saying things like…

16. Enjoying the benefits of braided hair and sporadic growth (click here to explore this further).

17. And avoiding water at all costs.

But despite all the drama.

18. Wearing extensions is fun.

19. And although you can’t go swimming in them.

Glossy_Finds20. You can change hair color…

Go from long…

To Short…

Without it affecting your natural hair.

So what’s the big deal?

Looking this good takes work – *Hair Flip*

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