26-Year Old Olympia Auset Launches Her Own Low Cost Organic Grocery Store


After dealing with the frustration of not being able to quickly and easily access healthy food options in her neighborhood, 26-year-old Los Angeles native and Howard University graduate, Olympia Auset, took matters into her own hands. In January 2016, she officially launched her very own organic grocery store named SÜPRMARKT.

Olympia’s goal was simple: she wanted healthy food to be accessible and affordable to those who have limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Instead of a traditional grocery store, she designed SÜPRMARKT to be a weekly pop-up that provides South Los Angeles with 100% organic food at a lower cost.

In an interview with Black Business, Olympia explained that there’s no need for the community to wait for outside because, as individuals, they have the power to help one another as well as themselves:

“I think the greatest takeaway about this project is it shows there are things every person can do to tackle societal issues that face their community. It isn’t always about waiting on corporations or governments to get things done.”

Aside from bringing fresh foods to underserved neighborhoods, Olympia is also tackling Los Angeles’ major food waste problem. SÜPRMARKT has teamed up with major food suppliers in her city to receive and resell slightly impaired produce that they’ve deemed unfit for sale in their stores.

In other words, she’s making good use of new produce as well as all the ugly, but edible fruits and vegetables we pass up in the market every week. It seems to be working beautifully since the initial launch, SÜPRMARKT has sold thousands of cases of organic produce—from cilantro and basil to sweet potatoes and fresh ginger root.

And when Olympia says accessible, she means it. All items are offered weekly as full packages and paid for via subscription. The best part? They accept EBT for the families that are unable to pay for their groceries with cash. This is just further proof that Olympia’s mission isn’t only about food, but a full commitment to improving the quality of life for her community through unity, goodwill, knowledge, and now, better health.

For more information on SÜPRMARKT, visit www.suprmarkt.la


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