3 Beautiful Transformations Done By @Mysterjackson You Just Have To See


You can tell a great stylist by the look on the client’s face when they see themselves for the first time after getting their hair and makeup done.

The fact that they cannot stop smiling and the stylist can get them to perform in front of the camera because he has just took their confidence from 100% to 110%.

Master stylist Kevin Jackson has that ability! On Instagram, he often does before and after transformation videos for his clients and you can tell how satisfied they are after being in his chair for the ultimate hair and makeup experience.

Here are three older women that Kevin transformed and posted on Instagram, and one of whom happens to be his mom!

Check him out!

1.This beautiful lady went viral

A video posted by Kevin Jackson (@mysterjackson) on

2. Mom looked absolutely stunning!

A video posted by Kevin Jackson (@mysterjackson) on

3. Yass honey!!!–Press play

A video posted by Kevin Jackson (@mysterjackson) on

If you want to connect with Kevin Jackson, you can find him on Instagram here


  1. He is awesome and also my stylist. I recommend him not only because he’s multi talented but because he genuinely cares and loves what he does.

  2. Best site ever Emily Cotton!!!! You keep just keep shining the light. It takes a lot to do what you do! I will keep reading, watching these videos and sharing all this crazy talent! ❤❤❤❤❤


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