3 Cute and Easy Styles You Can Do With Braiding Hair


Buying everything you need for box braids and twists has always been the cheapest part of getting your hair done because braiding hair is ridiculously inexpensive; going for as cheap as a dollar to $10 a pack!

Luckily, popular braiding hair like marley and kanekalon are no longer used for just braids/twists anymore! It’s being used as alternative for weave, drawstring ponytails, and  extensions to achieve ponytails, buns,braids, and other styles.

Here are 3 cute and easy hairstyles you can achieve with braiding hair.

Ombre Braid

ombre braiding hair

The jumbo braid is a classic style, and adding a nice ombre color to it will elevate your look. For an elegant look, keep the colors natural and muted. For something more fun, try a bright color and add braid cuffs.

Tip: Braid the hair before securing it to your bun with an elastic band to prevent any tension on your head. Gently spread the base of your braid over your elastic band to cover it.

Kinky Straight Ponytail

braiding hair ponytail

A long, kinky straight ponytail can be a go-to for both casual and upscale settings. For a slick and sleek look, kanekalon is the best option. For something more natural? Marley hair is your go-to.

Play up the ponytail with a stylish ponytail holder or cuff. A gold metal cuff makes the look elegant while a cute, patterned headband makes it a chic and comfortable gym look.

Tip: Opt for a hair texture that closely matches the texture you’re working with. Silky on top of kinky may not give the look you were going for.

Spice Girl/Space Buns

space buns with braiding hair

Spice Girl Buns pay homage to back in the day when Mel B aka Scary Spice used to rock the super fashion forward space buns. This updated look is still unique and trendy, but a lot more polished and wearable for a casual look. Slick down some baby hairs and add some sheen for an extra shine, and you’re good to go.

Tip: Pre-twist the braiding hair before you wrap it into a bun around your own hair to make the process easier. Want to achieve the sleek look? Ditch the gel for pomade/beeswax and set it with wrap styling strips.


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