2 End Of The Week Styles You Can Do On Old Hair With @NapturalElenore


Towards the end of the week many of us are experiencing what we like to call ‘old hair’. It might be an old wash and go that needs to be re-worked, or an old twist out that needs a complete overhaul.

My style starts to get old around the end of day Wednesday so by Thursday morning its time for a bun, a fresh twist out or something that will take me through to the weekend.

If you aren’t familiar with Napturalelenore it is time to get very acquainted because some of the styles she has done on her channel are perfect for end of the week re-works.

Check out some of my picks:

1. Twist out after an old wash and go

2. Perm Rod set

What are your favorite styles to wear towards the end of your work week? Comment below!


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