3 Eyebrow Growth Serums That’ll Fix Thin, Sparse Brows

Source: Credo Beauty

Eyebrow growth serums aren’t a beauty item we discuss too often, but if you’re someone who struggles with thin, scraggly brows, we definitely need to have a talk—and STAT! 

Let me start by saying that microfibers, brow pencils, and liquid fill-ins are great, but they’re all very temporary. And when you’re dissatisfied with your brows, or lack thereof, and have absolutely zero desire to put on makeup everyday, those options aren’t enough. 

So what do you do? Try your damndest to grow and thicken your natural brows. Here’s where eyebrow serums come in. 

Let’s be clear, they’re not miracle workers! However, most of them are formulated with ingredients that are proven to improve hair growth—including your eyebrows. 

Sound like something you can get into? Great! Here are 3 eyebrow growth serums that’ll fix thin, sparse brows in no time. 

Brow Code Brow Nourishing Growth Oil, $13

If liquid gold could be bottled up and sold, it would definitely come in the form of this particular eyebrow growth serum from Brow Code. First off, it has all of the good stuff we’re familiar with—rosemary, castor oil, sweet almond oil. But the real secret ingredient that makes this whole thing worth it? Geranium.  

Very few people know that geranium extracts balance the secretions around your hair follicles which ends up promoting hair growth and discouraging hair loss. And that, my friends, is a perfect combination of qualities for those of us with very little eyebrows. 


Province Apothecary Full Brow Growth Serum, $36

When we think of deep conditioning our hair, we absolutely never think about any other hair except for what’s on our head. It’s not like we’re about to do a sickening twist out on our eyebrows, so why on earth would we need to deep condition them? The good folks over at Province Apothecary let us know that a conditioned and nourished brow is a tame one. 

After just a few applications of the Full Brow Growth Serum you’ll begin to understand that softened brows are easier to grow, tweeze, and manage overall. And did we mention that this stuff also thickens and strengthens brows? Yup! It’s the burdock root in the formula. 


Makeup Revolution Rehab Brow Care, $14

Makeup Revolution Brow Growth Serum

Applying a thick layer of lip gloss across the entire length of your eyebrow in an attempt to grow them sounds like something only a madman would do, but that’s exactly what Makeup Revolution expects us to do with their super hydrating Brow Rehab Care wand. 

This slick, non-sticky formula is simply applied to your brows, left on overnight, and then boom—noticeable eyebrow growth within 2 weeks. The best part about this growth serum is that it’s multipurpose! It can be used an eyebrow gel, 



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