3 Great Ways To Stay On Track With Your Goals Despite 2020 Drama


From one chaotic event to another, 2020 has put us on a roller-coaster that doesn’t feel like it’s slowing down any time soon. And for many of us, accomplishing some of our most desired goals are going to have to wait until next year.

However, delays and obstacles don’t mean we should stop working for what we want! Truth be told, there’s still time and opportunity to get the ball rolling! So pull out your vision board and get inspired by these 3 easy ways to manifest your goals for 2020.

Get started with home workouts.


Given the current state of the world, going out to gyms, spas, and other places vital to your wellness and beauty routines might be put on hold for a minute. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re out of options!

Now is the perfect time to invest in at-home equipment and supplies that’ll push you toward accomplishing exactly what you want.

If you still want to lose a few pounds without the risk of going to the gym, try home workouts.

There are thousands of free workouts available online, and equipment like dumbbell sets, jump ropes, and yoga mats can all be purchased for under $50.

If you don’t know how to build your own workout routines or schedules, Pinterest has tons of free downloadable and printable templates and charts to help you get started.

Take advantage of the opportunities that come with our new way of life.


There’s a new standard of living and whether we’re in it temporarily or for the long haul, it wouldn’t hurt to start thinking of ways we could play it to our advantage. Having this attitude toward our finances in particular is especially important.

Ask yourself: how can I earn or save more money? With the money I do have, how can I use it to create the opportunities I want? Assess your answers and begin working on a plan that’ll make your goals tangible.

Let’s say you wanted to start a business, for example. Perhaps it would be in your best interest to see how you could run it at home and online for a fraction of the cost.

Or maybe the vacation you were planning is canceled, try Airbnb’s new Online Experiences feature where you can do everything from learning how to cook authentic Thai food to go on a virtual tour of Paris, France.

There are plenty of ways you can experience the things on your vision board while stretching your dollar and staying safe.

Spend some of this extra time with your family + friends.


Life is much better when you have loved ones to share it with, and times like these are a great reminder of that.

Maybe one of your goals for 2020 was to deepen your current connections or even find love, but the unforeseen stress and drama of this year put a bit of a damper on your efforts.

While it may still be difficult to connect how you truly want to, you can still reach out to your loved ones, make new friends, and get creative with how you deepen bonds. Make sure you are staying connected with others by:

  • Designating a time out of your day or week to check in with them.
  • Special activities such as movie nights or dinner dates.
  • Virtual group/partner activities like working out or cooking meals together via video chat.
  • Having meaningful conversations over the phone instead of texting.
  • Making plans for the future together or being accountability partners (i.e. vision board “party” or using a goal sharing app like HabitShare)

How have you pivoted during 2020? Comment more ideas below!


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