3 Hair Quick Fixes When You Are Dealing With Hot Flashes


The other day on Facebook one of you all wanted a solution for dealing with your hair and hot flashes and honestly, that had not been a topic that I have ever tried to tackle. I gave it some thought and this is what I came up with:

Headbands and Ponytails 

Your first priority when having hot flashes should be to get your hair out of your face and off of your neck. Not only does hair on your skin contribute to being uncomfortably hot, but it makes it a lot easier for sweat to run through your roots and down your hair.

Treat it like you’re going to the gym and throw your hair into a quick ponytail or bun. If you’re worried about the sweat frizzing or drying out your edges, slide on a thick headband or scarf to protect them.

Dry Shampoos and Conditioners 

I know that one of the biggest problems that hot flashes will cause is dry hair. Typically, dry hair is an issue because the salt content found in sweat zaps the moisture from your strands. This is especially annoying for those of you who wear straight or blown out styles because deep conditioning or adding a water-based moisturizer will cause curl reversion.

Instead of reaching for the moisturizer, try using a dry shampoo or conditioner instead. Products like Cantu Conditioner Dry Co-Wash is a great option because it absorbs excess oil and moisture without leaving any residue on your hair. Plus, it’s made with apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, and shea butter which leaves your hair shiny and nourished after every application.

Water Bottle Mix 

Specialty hair products and accessories aren’t always necessary! Sometimes a simple mixture in a water bottle will get the job done, and in this case? That’s exactly what you need. Mix one part cold water, one part aloe vera juice, and one part rose water in a spray bottle and use it as needed.

Aloe Vera juice helps to condition and control frizz, while rose water softens hair and replenishes lost moisture. You could use this mixture by itself or spray it on right before you apply a light oil like tea tree or sweet almond.


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