3 Luxurious Lush Cosmetics Body Balms Perfect For Soft, Supple Skin

Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics is basically a treasure trove for women who want to feel, look, and smell good. No seriously, it’s one of the closest things we have to a self-care heaven. They have everything from luxurious bath bombs, invigorating body scrubs, to nourishing hot oil treatments for your hair.

There are tons of great products to choose from, but my personal favorites are their criminally underrated body balms. They moisturize, heal, and even firm your skin for a soft and supple appearance. Here are 3 Lush body balms you should give a try!

Lush Cosmetics Moisturizing Balm: Elbow Grease 


Elbow Grease is a thick, luscious balm made with cupuaçu, murumuru and illipe butters and is perfect for those rough, dark, hard-to-treat spots on your body.

This ultra-hydrating mix melts into your skin and softens your elbows, kneecaps, and feet with ease. Elbow Grease can also be used as moisturizer for your whole body—allowing the light, citrus scent to penetrate your skin and energize you from head to toe.

Lush Cosmetics All-Purpose Balm: UltraBalm

Lush Cosmetics

Lush’s ULTRABALM is all-purpose, all-natural, and all good. The balm is a combination of 3 super beneficial natural ingredients: Rose wax, candelilla wax, and jojoba oil.

The Rose wax effectively soothes irritated skin, candelilla wax keeps your skin soft and supple by creating a barrier that prevents moisture loss, and jojoba oil has healing properties that improve skin conditions like body acne, rosacea, and eczema. Apply this balm all over your body after a hot shower for the best results.

Lush Cosmetics Bottom Rub: Rump

Cellulite is what we call those unflattering dimples in our thighs, hips, and in various places on our buttocks. For some of us, it’s the very reason why we stay away from tight clothing, light pants, and bikinis.

While it can be an unsightly issue, it’s actually no big deal. Especially since Lush has formulated a life-saving bottom rub called Rump. This nutrient and caffeine-rich, cupuaçu butter-based moisturizer noticeably smooths and firms your backside with consistent use.

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