3 Ways To Refresh Your Life Before The New Year

samia hamps

The new year is a time of ushering in all things beautiful and better for our lives. We set our sights on achieving goals and embracing lifestyles that may have slipped through our fingers all the years before.

Sometimes, we’re so excited about the first day of the year that we miss ample opportunity to get a headstart on our aspirations long before the day even comes! So why not start now? Here are 3 ways to revitalize and refresh your life in time for the new year!

Clean Up and Clean Out

The holidays are all about what’s extra; we eat a whole lot of food, gather with a bunch of family, gain a few extra pounds, and even pick up a little more stress than usual! Often times, we bring all of that “extra” into the New Year–maybe ignoring all of those half-eaten leftovers in the back of our fridge or leaving decorations up a bit too long. When you really think about it, a clean and clear space is the one thing that’s hard to keep during the holidays, but extremely important for your mental clarity and focus heading into the New Year.

Go ahead and toss it all out! Replace the reef on your door with a vision board, say goodbye to all the leftovers and grocery shop for some fresh foods, or even get your house back in order after having guests–do whatever you need to do to make your environment a blank canvas for the new year!

Do A Soft “Body Reset”

You don’t have to say it because I already know: those second and third plates were real delicious going down, and then wildly regrettable once your jeans started getting a little tighter. It happens to the best of us! However, weight gain isn’t the only downside to overindulging in food. Sluggishness, poor sleeping habits, and skin issues are also a result of a bad diet.

The solution? Detox! Cleansing your body of toxins by eating healthy, exercising, and drinking tons of water is unbeatable. You can even jumpstart that new year “feel good” by drinking green or turmeric tea, water fasting, heated yoga, or sitting in a sauna for a few minutes. Listen to your body–it’ll tell you exactly what it needs!

As always, stay safe by consulting your doctor before you try anything new.

Start Getting Excited

Feeling motivated enough to take that first step is half the battle when it comes to reaching your goals. Whether you want to lose weight, quit smoking, or build up your savings, being inspired to do it will give you the fuel to carry out something special for the new year.

Wrapping up (and beginning!) the year with motivational videos, quotes, affirmations, prayer, self-help books, and positive music are just some things that’ll help you get the ball rolling! You can use all types of resources to assist you, but above all, remember that your faith and positive thinking are important. Right now, you are in control of your life and the steps you take will put you in the position to achieve some life-changing goals!

So now it’s your turn; what is something you hope to achieve in this upcoming new year, and what do you think will help you get there? Chime in, and comment below!
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