4 Basic Braid And Twist Styles You Should Try

Passion Twists - ECT

Jumbo Box Braids

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Simply put, box braids are single braids that are made longer with extensions. They can be slim or thick, short or waist-length, naturally-colored or an array of eye-catching colors–they are one of the most versatile styles there is. This look, in particular, is a jumbo braid style that is achieved by parting your hair into medium-sized boxes and intertwining your natural strands into extensions via braiding.

Spring Twists

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Spring Twists are soft, bouncy small twists that do a pretty great job at mimicking natural hair. They have a light kinky texture that feels like human hair, but once they are twisted, they leave you with gorgeous, curly-ended twists.

The key to great springs twists is braiding tight at the roots and loosely twisting the rest of your hair down to keep them springy (hence the name!) and not tight and heavy. Use a pomade or gel-like product like Olive Oil Smooth Control Styling Gelee to condition your hair while also binding it to the extensions for a smooth, seamless twist.

Feed-In Braid Bun

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A neat and sleek feed-in braid bun is one of those styles that looks absolutely amazing on healthy relaxed hair. It looks like a complicated style but in actuality, it’s quite simple. It can be achieved by parting your hair through the middle and braiding each side into two braids using extensions, braiding the hair all the way down, and twisting the rest of the hair into a low bun.

Passion Twists

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Passion Twists are a fresh, unique style that have the crinkly-curly pattern of goddess locs and all the fluffiness and bounce of Spring Twists. They aren’t actually done with regular braid hair; Instead, you can crochet them in or use water-wave texture hair and follow the standard twist installation method.



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