4 Common Oils You Should Look For When Purchasing A Hair Growth Formula


If you are on a hair growth journey then you have probably heard of the different combinations of natural oils you can use to speed things along.

I am no scientific expert but I have done a little research as well as experimentation with my own oil mixes and there are always a few oils that are common in growth formulas.

Recently we partnered with Ancient Secrets Beauty who wanted to introduce their growth oil formula to you all. My first question to them was “Whats in it?”.

Frankly, I am way more attracted to ingredient lists than I am to fancy labels and colors because at the end of the day what we use on our hair is what matters.

The Growth oil is called Ancient Secrets Growth Oil and they hit the nail on the head with essential oils that typically are associated with hair growth and health.

This awesome growth oil is packaged in a very dark bottle which might be a little surprising to most but the darker the bottle the better protected the contents. (This is why you will often hear that you should always store your oils in a cool dark place, or that the darker the bottle the more potent the oil).

As mentioned Ancient Secrets hit the nail on the head with their oil and in this post, I wanted to break down some the ingredients as well as give you an idea on what you should look for when purchasing a hair growth oil formula.

Here are 4 basic oils you should look for when you are purchasing a growth oil:

1. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is amazing for hair growth because of its stimulating effects on the scalp. It is also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal which means it nourishes the scalp and the follicles, preventing dandruff and other common scalp ailments.

The best way to apply peppermint oil to your hair is a carrier oil like jojoba oil because it is way too potent to add to your scalp directly.

2. Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is the liquid produced in the seed of the Simmondsia chinensis plant and it is an oil favorite because it acts just like the sebum produced from your scalp. You can get jojoba oil in india and many other countries.

It is light, it moisturizes the scalp and it also creates a healthy foundation for maximum hair growth potential. You can use Jojoba oil by itself or mixed with some of the essential oils mentioned in this post.

3. Rosemary oil

I have written about rosemary oil many times as it relates to hair growth because it is known to stimulate growth as well as nourish the scalp. Rosemary oil also nourishes and detoxifies the scalp and keeps your hair follicles healthy.

4. Tea Tree oil

I do not know about you but I always have a small bottle of tea tree oil in my arsenal for so many reasons including hair growth. Tea tree oil is a multifunctional oil that heals the scalp and skin if you have minor abrasions. Tea tree oil is also anti-bacterial and anti fungal great for keeping the scalp healthy.

When added to the scalp it has the same tingly feeling that peppermint oil has because it encourages blood flow to the scalp engaging the follicles and causing growth.

With all that said I am a fan of Ancient Secrets Growth Oil because the ingredients are amazing and the combination is perfect for anyone looking for growth! I took the liberty of finding a few reviews on Youtube, check them out:

Review 1

Review 2

If you are interested in getting your own Growth Oil click here! Please come back and let me know how it works for you!

This post was sponsored by Blackhairgrowth.biz but all opinions are my own


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