4 Must Try Fall Trends That Will Take Your Look To The Next Level

Emilycottontop Fall trends

Let’s be completely honest and admit that fall trends are the same every year. We do the burgundy lipstick, the scarves, the boots, the go-to pea coat and cardigan, and finally, the incredibly awful pumpkin spice flavor that just won’t die no matter how much we want it to.

This year, I think we owe it to ourselves to get creative and switch it up. While I can’t help with the pumpkin spice phenomenon (sorry!), I can suggest a few great style swaps and changes! Here are 4 must-try fall trends that’ll take your look to the next level.

Copper and Auburn Hair

Listen, nobody does a cute hair switch up like our girl Kiitan! We grabbed a little copper and auburn hair collection from her Instagram to show you that this color is phenomenal for fall and you do not have to actually add color to your own hair. You can try a wig, braids, chunky twists you name it.

See below:

Statement Jewelry

If you are a fan of cute statement Jewelry then you probably know all the cute places to find them. I always check Etsy or I snoop around on Kia’s Instagram.

Statement Jewelry will set the simplest of outfit’s off and I am such a fan of keeping things simple on my body and accessorizing the shit out of my outfit for *balance*.

Check out Kia’s collection below:

Stylish Blazers

Stylish blazers have been such a hit this season, who would have thought? How many of you have rummaged through your mom’s closet for cute vintage looking blazers that you can use for this trend? I know I have! Ty has been serving lately and we loved her collection of stylish blazers!

Check out a few of them below:

Small Purses and Handbags

Honey! I love me a tiny purse! But I am still struggling with determining what the most important things are that I get to put in my tiny purse when I go out. If anything this trend has proven that I am a low key hoarder and I need therapy but I think more of these little purses have been helping me to cope.

We are kind of obsessed with Aysha’s Insta and her collection was super cute, simple and easy inspo to pull off.

Check out her collection below:

What is your favorite fall trend? If we didn’t mention yours, tell me about it below!


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