4 Simple Tips For Maintaining Your Curls At The Pool

Maintaining Your Curls

Maintaining your curls while swimming can be problematic if you do not have a set regimen. With the kids officially out of school, many of us are contemplating heading to the pool and enjoying some semblance of a Summer in between quarantine and civil unrest.

We can all agree that 2020 has been a hot mess so far and I have personally found that swimming can be pretty therapeutic after a particularly stressful day.

With that said, do you have a pool hair regimen? In this post, I want to give you 4 simple tips for maintaining your curls at the pool.

1. Add Conditioner to your hair before you get in

maintaining your curls

My mother used to be a stickler for adding conditioner to my hair before we hit the beach or pool. The funny thing is even though I did not understand it when I was a little girl It didn’t feel right if my hair did not have its conditioner shield prior to swimming.

Grab any conditioner you have and literally coat your hair root to tip before immersing yourself into the water.

2. Wear a swim cap

Danielle Obe

Honestly, nobody does this unless you are an avid swimmer and not swimming for recreation.

However, it is important to mention especially if your hair is feeling particularly dry and you want to lessen the impact of chlorine and other chemicals on your strands.

Swim caps can keep your hair semi-dry and you have less work to do when it is time to wash your hair.

3. Shampoo with a chelating shampoo

There are shampoos that are specifically made to cleanse your hair of the chemical deposits that are left on your hair strands after swimming.

Chelating shampoos are designed for people who have hard water or chlorine to contend which is different from a clarifying shampoo that is designed to get rid of oils and excess dirt.Maintaining Your Curls

Byrdie made the point that even women who don’t use clarifying shampoos any other time should use one during the swimming season. You don’t need to use them often, even if you swim frequently.

Once a month is still the suggested time frame. These specialized cleansers remove buildup from products and chemicals that coat your hair while in a chlorinated pool.

4. Deep condition

Using a chelating shampoo can be harsh on the strands so it is important to add in as much moisture as you can to your curls after your shampoo. Deep condition with the most moisturizing deep conditioner you have and use a great leave-in on your hair prior to styling.

By the way, if you swim daily according to Byrdie sun and chemicals can be very drying to your mane, so conditioning after every swim is important. But depending on how often you swim, you may even need to ramp up deep conditioning to as often as once or twice a week. You need to do this regimen daily without fail.

You can probably use regular shampoo daily and the chelating shampoo every two to four weeks.

Look for conditioners that are typically recommended for black hair textures, moisturizing, and designed for dry and damaged manes.

Include leave-in conditioners after each cleansing/co-wash session for additional moisture, whether you prefer a liquid leave-in that keeps your curls lightweight and bouncy or a creamier formula that coats your strands and prevents further damage on a deeper level.

If your hair is colored and/or relaxed, protein treatments are something you have to do to keep your hair healthy.

It’s best to maintain a routine so that emergency treatments aren’t required.

Using products like Joico’s Defy Damage Protective Masque ($22) or Olaplex No. 3  a couple of times per month keeps your tresses strong.

Even if your locks are all-natural, applying occasional protein will help to maintain your hair’s strength.




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