4-Step Wash Day Routine You Should Try To Take Full Advantage Of Summer Hair Growth Season

4-Step Wash Day Routine You Should Try To Take Full Advantage Of Summer Hair Growth Season

Let’s face it – there’s nothing more beautiful and glorious than a crown of healthy natural hair so when hair problems arise things can get very frustrating.

We all know that damaged hair weakens strands, destroys your length retention goals, and restricts your style versatility. We also know that it’s best to take on problems head on with a consistent solid hair routine along with a trim.

If you are experiencing hair loss or breakage, try this 4-step wash day routine with HoneyVera weekly to kick start your hair care journey.


One of the most vital steps to consider during your wash day is pre-pooing (applying a treatment before shampooing). It helps minimize breakage and safeguards your hair’s moisture levels.

Some of the best products for pre-pooing your hair are natural hair oils like avocado or olive oil but if you want something more commercial, we have the perfect thing.

You can also use Honeyvera Jamaican Castor Coconut Hair Oil, perfect for high porosity natural hair, damaged hair or strands that might be suffering from hygral fatigue.

You might also want to use this stage to treat your hair. For instance, the Honeyvera Veraglow Scalp Tonic Treatment Hair Grower features conditioning fatty alcohols to soften your hair prior to shampooing it. The result? Healthier, stronger, and more defined curls.

Shampoo, Your Scalp

Remember when shampoo was canceled circa ‘08 (there about) when the natural hair movement was just heating up?

Everyone loves a great co-wash but, according to experts, you should not completely get rid of the shampoo option. Just like other hair types, natural hair accrues grime and dirt that must be removed to avoid buildup.

Wash your hair regularly, two times per week if you have loose curls, and once a week if you are a type 4 natural, with a co-wash in between.

The best shampoos for natural hair are sulfate-free and feature moisturizing ingredients. For instance, Honeyvera VeraMoist Herbal Shampoo contains herbal extracts that boost hair growth, relieve dandruff and give your hair that much-needed moisture.

How to properly shampoo:

Section your hair and focus on shampooing each section. Once you’ve covered all sections, let water flow down your strands for an unmanipulated cleanse.

Your hair will be squeaky clean, and the pre-poo you added will provide an extra layer of protection, preventing it from drying out.

Condition & Detangle

Arguably the most essential part of the wash-day routine – conditioning adds moisture to your hair.
A good hydrating conditioner like the Honeyvera VeraMoist Herbal Conditioner not only lubricates, softens, and detangles your hair, but also elongates every strand and makes it easier to style.

As a rule of thumb, most of us ignore the ‘dime-size’ instructions suggested by the manufacturer which might be safe for those of you who have thirsty hair.

There’s no such thing as applying too much conditioner, so have at it, your hair will thank you.

Deep Condition

Finally, you need to make deep conditioning your new BFF. Not only does the practice opens your hair’s cuticles and adds extra moisture to parched strands.

To deep condition, simply leave the conditioner you just applied in your hair and do a steam treatment or add a little oil to your strands along with the conditioner if needed.

The steam treatment will help lock in the moisture while the oil seals in the conditioner, preventing breakage and smoothing your cuticles. The great thing is you are literally just using the conditioner you already applied to your hair in our last step.

Congratulations, you’ve just finished your first hair care routine! Now, all you need to do is style your hair and go.

By the way, if you need a great gel, we suggest HoneyVera Jamaican Castor oil Gel. This styler is packed with Fenugreek and rice protein that reduces hair loss and promotes hair volume.

Ladies this is hair growth season! Do not sleep on your regimen!  All products can be found on Caribshopper.com. Click the image below.

All products can be found on Caribshopper.com


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