4 Tips On How To Effectively Use Your Afro Pick For More Volume


If you talk to anybody with curly or afro textured hair and you ask them to name their top 5 tools I guarantee that their afro pick is on the list.

This post is sponsored by one of my favorite brands CarbonAR who make authentic handmade afro-futuristic styling combs and when I received my first one I was so appreciative of the artwork that I didn’t use it for about two weeks.

With that said since we all love afro picks I think it’s important that we have a few techniques to fall back on when you purchase your first one.

Here are 4 tips on how to effectively use your Afro pick for more volume or for the baddest fro ever:

1. Never pick too much when you just want volume

Your Afro pick’s only job is to lift the roots of your hair when you are just looking or volume on a style and not a full on fro. The pick essentially separates the strands of your hair at the root maintaining the style but giving the effect of fuller bigger hair.

2. Purchase a quality pick

Quality is easy to identify, you want a pick that’s sturdy and smooth that can do its job without breaking or breaking your hair.

For example, the CarbonAr combs are made with laminated cross fiber Wood which makes them very strong and the finish makes them smooth and safe for your hair. It doesn’t hurt to try a few options to see what works best for your hair.

3. Create your baddest fro on the third day of your style

I love third-day hair because it is the start of the decline of my defined curls and I get the most flawed yet authentic fro ever. When you want to create your fro starting with a defined wash and go or defined twist out wait until 3rd day to create your best fro because your hair is already starting to naturally separate and you do not need to do as much work.

On your third day use your pick to lift the roots again but this time moving quickly throughout your hair to create your own version of a perfect fro.

Watch Michelle Fierce pick her old wash and go to see what I mean:

4. Never pick bone dry hair

Personally, I prefer to lift the roots of my hair after a fresh wash and style because my hair is moisturized and strong. Even though your pick is great quality know that your hair is much weaker when it’s bone dry so be aware of what your hair looks like and feels like before using any sort of hair tool.

Comment below and let me know if you own an afro pick and when did you get your first one.

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This post was sponsored by CarbonAr but all opinions are my own


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