What if I told you that there is a way to install crochet locs in just one hour? You probably wouldn’t believe me, but guess what? There is a way and I know just the product you will need to do it!

Introducing Boho SILK LOCS! These sexy, silky locs are designed to be a quick and convenient way to spice up your look in just one hour. They come in the color 1B which is a great choice for those of you with natural black hair. In addition to all of that they are available in 16-18 inches and 20-24 inches for a long and layered style!

Here’s the thing, we are excited!

This style literally launched today and we have partnered with the Boho Locs brand to give you an exclusive peek, a chance to get your hands on them, and a few tips along the way.

We have been rocking with Boho Locs for a while now, they are a black woman-owned company that specializes in creating the dopest and most conveniently packaged crochet locs you will ever see.

Every single line produced is high quality, versatile, fun and super sexy but this one, in particular, is simply next level.

Watch this:

Gorgeous right? In this post, we want to introduce the Boho SILK LOC line by sharing our top 4 tips for a cute sexy 1-hour install once you get your SILK LOCS in your hands.

Tip #1: Braid Your Base In 2 Ways 

Braiding your hair in two different ways is how you get a natural look, as well as a sturdy base. We would suggest using cornrows for the back of your hair, but styling the front in single braids.
(In the video below you will notice that Lulu uses 12 individual braids and 8 cornrows)

Crocheting locs into cornrows will allow you to install more than half a head of crochet locs in just 30-35 minutes! The individual locs might take a little longer, but they give you a look that is flat and realistic.

Tip #2: Utilize as many locs as you will need

A lot of times when we work with crochet styles, we have so many questions about how many packs of hair we should use and exactly how many pieces of hair it will take to achieve the look we want.

Truth be told, there is not a definitive way to know how much hair will do the trick for your head and Boho Locs solves that issue easily!

When you purchase your first set, you will receive six packs of hair at varying lengths to ensure that without a doubt you will have enough hair. You will have a full head of lovely locs and will have some left over for touch ups and re-dos.

Tip #3: Double Wrap Your Individual Locs 

“Double Wrapping” is done by separating and unraveling a piece of hair, then wrapping it around an already done individual loc.

This method will make your individual Boho SILK LOCS much more secure, and not vulnerable to slipping or unraveling at any time during the style. It also helps to conceal the braided base which is important for a neat and stylish look.

Tip #4: SLAY Your Style

boho silk locs
Boho Silk Locs are true to their name; They have a soft and silky texture that makes for an incredibly sexy look.

The individual shorter locs in the front will allow you to flip the hair from one side to the other with ease, you can do half up half down styles, buns, ponytails, you name it. If you are going to wear a protective style long term, you need to enjoy it! Period!

Now, this wouldn’t be a complete post without a video demonstration, right? Watch Lulu the founder and head baddie in charge walk you through step by step on how to install your first set of SILK LOCS.

Press play:

If you would like to purchase your very own set of Boho SILK LOCS, click here and please use the discount code BOHOSILK for 15% off. The discount code lasts until Friday the 15th at midnight!

Happy Valentine’s Day ya’ll!!



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