4 Ways Quarantine Has Changed Our Hair And Beauty Buying Habits


Quarantine has changed our lives in so many ways that we are no longer the consumers we once were.

Our priorities have now shifted to fit the change in our lifestyles, and what we want from beauty brands, in particular, maybe the biggest change thus far.

We’ve freed ourselves from the boob-prisons we call bras, embraced the no-makeup life, made the ponytail our best friend, and became reacquainted with good old fashioned self-care.

It’s safe to say that ease and simplicity is the law of the land for most consumers right now and beauty brands need to get on board! Here are four ways that two months of quarantine have changed your most loyal customer. 

We are all about no bras and naked hair


With a large portion of us being confined to our homes over these last few months, we’ve become women who value simplicity and convenience more than anything else.

The fact that we’re opting for low maintenance and protective styles that can last us for weeks or even months at a time is a testament to this. Gels, edge controls, pomades, and the like are truly not on our radar at the moment⁠—not at the rate they were before, at least.

So instead of trying to direct your consumers toward heavy styling products, shift your marketing focus to cleansing and easy maintenance by centering products like shampoos, conditioners, clarifying masks, and scalp scrubs. 

In this climate self-care is paramount

transitioning to natural hair
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It is no secret that our current social and political climate is one that is stressful in a way that can be physically taxing.

On top of that, a great deal of us is out in the streets protesting and engaging in other community efforts in all sorts of conditions.

For others, we’re going makeup-less for the most part, and being in the house is taking a toll on our skin. From a general perspective, self-care is something we can’t afford to skimp on.

And from a beauty perspective, it would do a world of good to have products that aid us in getting ourselves together. One way to help us get the ball rolling is via skincare.

Whether it’s an insanely moisturizing body butter with a calming scent (such as lavender or jasmine) for an at-home spa day, or basic serums, scrubs, and sunscreens for everyday use, all of it is much needed for our self-care needs. 

We are kinda loving products that are great for hair and skin


Less might be more right now, but that doesn’t mean we’ll take any ol’ thing! Quality over quantity is the name of the game for our beauty products, so that means everyone is really looking for hair and skincare that is nourishing, healing, repairing, and ultimately effective.

This may also mean that your consumers are moving toward products formulated with all-natural ingredients so that they can use them for more than one purpose. This makes shea butter, tea tree oil, aloe vera gel, and similar products the ideal go-to for many of us.

Speaking of Skin.. We Love A Great Glow


Naked hair is one thing, but can we talk about naked (glowing skin)? Skincare is paramount and we are spending a ton of money trying to make sure our skin is not just glowing, but healthy and luxurious.

We want all the SPF, all the serums, all the scrubs, moisturizers, and “no makeup” makeup looks. We are minding our business and drinking a ton of water so that our skin can remain radiant even while in the house. Read this post on how to get a healthy glow this Summer

This Quarantine Has Us Walking A LOT


Walking, home workouts, and all sorts of outdoor activities have become integral parts of our days during the quarantine.

Over time, regularly sweating more than usual begins to take a toll on our hair and scalp by quickly causing buildup, dryness, and even some mild irritation that results in itchiness and dandruff.

Because of this, we are washing our hair more often and would absolutely love to see choices of products that deeply moisturize after a thorough cleanse.

Conditioners, co-washes, and clarifiers would definitely come in handy for a mid-week wash or after a long week of hard workouts. 


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