4 Ways To Secure Your Wig While On A Beach Vacation

@Estaregrams Secure wig on beach

Being able to securely wear a wig without it shifting or completely falling off is one thing, But being able to wear a wig without it shifting or falling off at the beach?

Girl—that’s a whole different story! 

Wigs and beach vacations are risky business. Remember this? Press play!


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Truth be told, this is why we always wear braids or pull out the wet and wavy bundles when it’s time to have some fun in the sun.

However, you don’t need to shy away from it altogether.

In fact, there are a few things you can do to keep your wig comfortable and firmly fixed while also enjoying your time at the beach—swimming included! 

Here are 4 ways to secure your wig while on a beach vacation

Invest in a wig grip band.

wig grip band to secure wig

A wig grip band is an adjustable band that keeps your wig from slipping and sliding all day long. The way it works is simple: you place the band around the perimeter of your head like a headband, and then slip your wig over it. 

Depending on which brand you go with, there should be adjustable straps in the back that’ll help you keep it snug—no matter the size of your head, or volume of your hair.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about any unwanted friction. Wig grips are typically made with soft, comfortable fabrics.

This little detail is especially important if you wear wigs for protective styling and not just on a special occasion. 

Go the traditional route and sew it down. 

Now I know this is probably the most tedious and time-consuming option, but that’s because it’s the most secure option of them all.

Sewing your wig down instead of doing the usual gel and glue will undoubtedly keep it in place no matter what you do that day. 

The magic of this method is that you don’t have to sew your entire head to keep your wig secure—just the perimeter and the crown.

This way, you’ll keep your hair sturdy but also have a relatively easy time cutting out the thread. 

If you don’t plan on swimming, you can simplify the process by just sewing down the crown and using gel or glue at the hairline. 

Install secure clips and pins. 

If sewing your wig directly to your hair isn’t your thing, why not try sewing on wig clips? These are those cute little clips that typically come on clip-ins, and they firmly snap closed when a little pressure is applied. 

Sewing a few of these inside the cap of your wig will help keep it secure, while also allowing for easy adjustment and removal.

Not to mention that they are way safer than those flimsy wig combs that can irritate your scalp and rip out hair. 

If you don’t want to sew anything period, get some throwback jumbo bobby pins. They’re big and strong enough to secure even the thickest hair. Plus, they’re super discreet. 

Try out double-sided tape.

Double-sided wig tape is truly the bomb! It has the durability of strong-hold gel and glue without all the mess; and is virtually invisible like clips and pins, but requires none of the extra work to install! 

Securing your wig with double-sided tape is pretty easy: place one side on your hair or protective cap, so that when you place your wig on your head, the upside of the tape will stick to the cap of the wig. Thus, adhering the wig to your head. 

I know what you’re thinking—tape isn’t really all that secure. And you wouldn’t be wrong. However, double-sided wig tape is typically waterproof and medical-grade which means it’s much more reliable than everyday tape. 

See? It is possible to wear wigs at the beach and not have to worry about it at all! Have you tried any of these methods?

If so, which one worked best for you? Let us know in the comments.



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