4-year-old Becomes Mom’s Personal Trainer During Quarantine


Most of us are working out at home and admittingly it’s hard especially on those days when we just do not feel like doing it. So what does one do for motivation?

According to MSN Today Show one Florida mom, had all the motivation in the world to work out due to her 4-year-old daughter, Kynsley, who recently took on the self-appointed role of her mom’s personal trainer.

Earlier this week, KP Pound, 25, a Beachbody coach in Vero Beach, Florida, posted a series of videos on Instagram showing her daughter cheering her on during her sweat sessions.

“So, a few weeks ago I explained to my 4-year-old how hard it is for me to workout sometimes,” posted Pound. “She offered to be my trainer so she could motivate me. I must say she’s a kid of her word. She keeps me going.. ❤️😩😂”

In the first video, little Kynsley rides her bike as her mom runs alongside her. Kynsley yells, “You can do it! Keep up the good work and don’t ever stop! Never, ever stop running!”

“OK,” Pound manages to reply.

In the next clip, Pound is doing floor exercises, visibly sweating as she touches her left elbow to her left knee in a side plank position with a resistance band around her feet.

“You got this, you got this, mommy!” Kynsley cheers, “And make sure you keep up the good work. And never give up … and get yourself up and MOVE!”

In the last video in the series, Pound is working out again in her garage as Kynsley shouts out motivational phrases.

“Keep up the good work,” she says, “And I love you! But keep up the good work.”

KP Pound told TODAY that Kynsley started “training” her one day when her daughter asked if she was going outside to work out and she said no.

“She asked why and I told her how I am not motivated,” Pound said. “She immediately responded saying, ‘Mommy I’ll be your trainer.’ Since then, she’s taken her job so serious. With her, there are literally no days off,” Pound said laughingly.

Exercise has actually been a big part of KP Pound’s life for years. “I am a former D1 collegiate athlete,” she said. “Being that I had my daughter in college, it’s been a part of her whole life as well. She would come to basketball practices and 5:30 a.m. weight sessions.”

Pound recently became a trainer herself and centers her workouts around “lots of cardio and weights.”

“I am typically able to do them in my garage with Kynsley,” she said.

The comments on the videos spanned from amusement to amazement, with many people saying “goals” and praising the little girl and her hard-working mom.

“Kids learn from what and who they are surrounded….this is AWESOME! POSITIVITY ONLY!” commented one fan.

“She will change the world! God bless,” wrote another person.

“her little voice is just too cute!!!” said another fan.

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Pound said she is amazed by the response to the videos.

“People have been so inspired by Kynsley and her ability to speak positively,” Pound said. “It warms my heart that people who have never met her are calling her a ‘world changer’ and saying that she inspires them to do better.”


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