5 Adorable Summer Styles For Your Toddler

Styles For Your Toddler

With summer just a little more than a month away, it’s about that time to start considering cute summer styles for your toddler. For most parents, fuss-free protective styles like braids and twists are the go-to because it offers versatility while giving you a break from everyday styling.

For others, classic ponytails and buns keep everything simple and are appropriate for heat and all summer activities. Whichever side you lean-to, there is an abundance of styles that both you and your kid will love. Here are 5 cute summer styles for your toddler.

Double Buns And Braids

Cute Summer Styles For Your Toddler

Below is another version of the above style you can try at home utilizing cornrows and buns.

Another cute version:


Bun Hawk

If you want to try a cute summer style for your toddler that doesn’t involve braids but is still protective, try this triple bun hawk. This Bun Hawk by Yolanda Renee is too cute and perfect for church or birthday parties.

Easy Breezy Ponytails

Cute Summer Styles For Your Toddler

Most of us love a great ponytail, even as adults! The above style is classic and easy to do for a fun outing!

If you want to try the braided version watch the below video:

Hairstyles Using Added Hair

Cute Summer Styles For Your Toddler

Now if you do not know how to braid especially with added hair, the below video should help! Watch mom and Jas demonstrate how they create a cute style using added hair and an easy to do braiding technique!

Half Up Half Down


Half up and Half Down styles are always classic and easy to do for your little lady! However, I would encourage you to get creative with it. You can try a dramatic bow like Olina above or if you need more ideas then here are three more half up half down styles to try from Sekora and Sefari’s channel! What styles will you try with your little one? Comment below! Need more tips for your child’s hair care? Click here.


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