5 Fab, Natural Looking Synthetic Wigs You Should Know


In recent years, the quality of synthetic wigs have improved a great deal. Heat resistance, less shedding, and better textures make for some really natural and ridiculously affordable wigs.

However, not all of them are top of the line wigs; we still need to separate the duds from the gems! Here are 5 fab synthetic wigs, as well as some tips to make them look even more natural.

Sensationnel – Tatiana

Kinky wigs

  • Type: Lacefront with ear to ear lace, No defined part
  • Handling: Heat safe up to 350 degrees and can be gently washed in warm water.
  • Attachments: Front and back comb with adjustable strap.

With a close resemblance to type 4 natural hair, Tatiana is an easy-blend wig that is relatively low maintenance. Straight out the box, it is kinky texture and separated into sections or twists. For a more natural look, finger comb the hair and then lightly brush.

A really cute twist out-like style can also be achieved easily! Just flexi rod the hair, dip it in boiling or fairly hot water for a few minutes, allow it to completely air dry, and then separate and style.

Bobbi Boss – Juba

Bob Wigs

  • Type: Lacefront with ear to ear lace, with a 4 inch deep middle part; human hair blend.
  • Handling: Heat safe up to 400 degrees, can be washed with shampoo/conditioner.
  • Attachments: No combs, but it has an adjustable strap.

This cute little bob is a high density, light yaki textured unit. It closely resembles relaxed or flat ironed natural hair, and has a very natural feel and luster. Because it is a human hair blend, it’ll last longer than 100% synthetic fibers, and does better with heat styling. I personally don’t think plucking the part is necessary, but I suggest blending it with powder or concealer.

Freetress Equal – Danity

  • Type: Lacefront with ear to ear lace, and a deep, invisible L Part.
  • Handling: Heat safe up to 400 degrees, can be gently swished with mild shampoo.
  • Attachments: There are two combs at the part, back comb, and adjustable strap.

This is a perfect wig for playing up an otherwise plain look. The loose curls are bouncy, thick, and free of the unnatural shine most synthetic wigs have. It’s also an L part which makes ideal for a side part style; the light layering allows the loose curls to frame your face beautifully. You can pluck the part and cut baby hairs into the hairline, or wear as is with concealer to blend.

Outre – Tess

  • Type: Lacefront with ear to ear coverage, and an L- Part
  • Handling: Heat safe up to 390 degrees, can be washed and blow dryed.
  • Attachments: Side and back comb, with an adjustable strap.

Aside from being a natural blowout texture, Tess is a great wig because there is meticulous nape coverage that allows for ponytails and buns.

Blowout textures are the most versatile because you can curl, braid, flexi rod–and it can always go back to it’s natural state. If you want to wear it as a protective style, avoid the combs and just use the adjustable strap; Hair combs can easily add stress to and/or rip out your hair.

Model Model – Pop Blossom

  • Type: Lacefront with lace from ear to ear, and a deep, invisible L-part.
  • Handling: Heat safe up to 400 degrees, brushing and combing not recommended.
  • Attachments: Two front combs, one back comb, and an adjustable strap.

Pop Blossom‘s curls are a beautiful spiral, or corkscrew, pattern that are, admittedly, very uniform when you first take the unit out of the package. However, this wig is one that gets better with time. It settles naturally around your face, and a good finger comb will separate the curls and add a little volume. Once it gets old, flat iron it and bump the ends for a whole new style.



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