5 Hair Rituals Every Natural Should Practice Every Single Year


We all have rituals and as we get older we get a little bit more anal about making sure that they happen regardless of what might be going on in our lives.

In my opinion, we should all have hair rituals! Hair rituals are things we do to our hair every year that either will keep our hair healthy, or just keep things interesting on our hair journeys. With that said here are 5 hair rituals every natural should practice every single year:

1. You should get a really awesome trim/cut at least once per year

I do not mean big chop, but I mean a solid trim that will remove at least and inch or two especially when you notice that your ends are just dry, brittle and unbearable. If you are the girl that maintains your trimming schedule then you probably will not have to cut much but if you don’t, make sure you get at least one solid cut in.

2. See a stylist


Yall know I ride for my stylists, especially the ones that really know how to care for our curls as well as give us a switch up that will have us feeling fab-u-lous! At least one time for the year every curly girl should go see her favorite stylist and let her/him play in her hair. Responsibly of course!

3. Do a protective style challenge


This year protective styles are my main focus because a girl is busy! I love protective style challenges because they force you to leave your hair alone for an extended period of time. You can choose to rock braids, mini twists, Senegalese twists, wigs or buns..whatever suits your fancy.

I have been rocking loose twists which have been super easy for me and the goals I have set for my hair. Add this ritual to your list and you will see tremendous growth, plus it gives you a break from your hair.

4. DIY something

Create your own hair oil or your own hair butter that you can use all year long for your hair. There is nothing like coming up with your own recipe or borrowing one and putting your own spin on it of something that is super nourishing for your strands and scalp.

When you make something yourself, you know exactly what’s in that product and there is no question that your hair will absolutely love it. Every year come up with your own epic recipe!

Check out Curly Proverbz super hair growth oil recipe here:

5. Get together with your girls and do an amateur fro photo shoot


This shoot does not have to be professional if you do not roll like that but how dope would it be for you to gather a few of your friends and just rock out in the blackest photo shoot ever? Fro’s out fists up! Try it, I guarantee you will do one every single year.

What natural hair rituals do you follow every year?


  1. I have to keep it in braids when I’m home. Braids or twists. I leave it like that for 4-5 days until work or until I go out. One thing for me is that my hair dries out fast and I don’t have any solutions. I’ve used 4-5 different ointments. I think it may be my hair cap? Maybe it’s sucking up all my hair oil overnight.


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