5 Ingredient Natural Hair Mask For Healthy Scalp And Hair Growth


There have been times in my hair journey when no matter how many times for the week I washed or conditioned my hair, my scalp was inflamed and itched terribly. I knew early that if my hair was going to have any success at growing longer I had to fix my scalp issues with something all natural that I could make myself.

Back in the day and still today, doing a Bentonite Clay mask with apple cider vinager was pretty popular amongst naturals who wanted to detox their hair. For me, the mask was a lifesaver and I used it pretty often to help reduce scalp inflammation and scalp discomfort.

The other day Jewellianna Palencia dropped a video with an amazing clay mask that is great for those of you with very itchy scalps or dandruff. It involved some of the same ingredients I used early in my journey including Bentonite Clay and apple cider vinegar. She also added some other pretty awesome ingredients that will strengthen your curls as well as encourage awesome growth.

Here is what you will need:

Bentonite clay

when mixed with water pulls all the chemicals and toxins for your scalp. Great for detoxing your scalp

Olive oil or jojobo oil

Moisturizes and brings balance to your hair, jojoba oil mimics the scalps natural sebum

Apple Cider Vinegar

Anti fungal, anti bacterial and lays the hair cuticles flat causing your strands to appear smooth and shiny

Activated Charcoal

Absorbs harmful substances and heavy metals, great for those of you who have to deal with hard water on a daily basis

Tea Tree Oil

Anti bacterial, anti fungal, heals open wounds in the scalp, and great for hair growth

Mix well with a wooden or plastic spoon


Apply the mix to damp hair from root to tip ensuring to cover every section of the hair including the scalp. Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes allowing it to dry on your hair then rinse thoroughly. Condition your hair after you have rinsed your hair clean to add moisture back to your strands.

For this detailed tutorial, press play:

Comment below and let me know if you will be trying this mask!


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