5 Really Simple Styles You Can Try This Summer On A Night Out

Summer Styles Emily CottonT

Can you believe it’s almost Summer time? It feels as if the year just started and we barely just celebrated the holidays. With that said many of us are switching gears from straight sleek looks to wash and goes and protective styles. This Summer you might want to keep your styles super simple especially on those hot Summer nights when you want to look cute but still effortless.

Below are 5 really simple styles you can try this Summer on a night out.

Ultra-Moisturized Two Strand Twists

(IG: Mocurlsss)

Most of us only find ourselves twisting our hair up when it’s time to do a twist out, but have you ever considered that the twists alone serve as a stylish look for the day-to-day and special occasions? One Summer night try a silky, chunky twists with finger coils at the end. If all else fails, throw it into a ponytail or unravel them for some quick, voluminous curls.

Curly Ponytail w/ Center Braid

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All of the bright pinks and purples that come with Spring and Summer aren’t for everybody. In fact, a look that embraces more chic and sultry vibes might be a much better fit for Summer evening out. To keep things cute and sophisticated, try sprucing up a kinky-curly ponytail with a gold-twine adorned center braid and gold ponytail cuff.

Voluminous Twist Out Puff

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Most of us curly girls love a good puff; It looks great on all curl types, simple to do, and best of all, it’s ridiculously convenient. However, a plain puff sitting at the top of your head might be too basic for a night out, so why not spice it up a little? A twist out or flexi rod set on a low-positioned puff will create a voluminous and fierce, (tamed!) lioness look for date night.

Pretty-In-Pink Defined Curls

(IG: Lisette)

What says Summer hair more than a head full of gorgeous, pink curls? A temporary dye or colored hair wax can take you from drab to fab in minutes. The upside of this look is that it’s a sweet and simple way to capture the essence of a night out. The downside? Color or dye of any kind can easily dry out your hair, so make sure you properly moisturize beforehand to keep your curls shiny and bouncy!

Bun w/ Ombre Faux Side Bang

(IG: Kienyabooker)

A full bun and faux bangs have quickly become a natural hair go-to. But like many of the basic styles we do, it’s important to make small adjustments and tweaks to bring out a more elegant element to the style. So instead of just a simple bang, spice it up with gorgeous honey-brown, blonde, (or even pink!) highlights, or an ombre.

Do you all have any plans for the Summer that’s fast approaching us? Dish below!


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