5 Reasons You Should Add Yoga To Your Morning Routine With CarbonAr


Are you a committed yogi? I have been diving into the world of yoga recently mostly because I have been reading Every Body Yoga by Jessamyn Stanley and if that isn’t tempting enough, a new studio opened close to where I live. I must admit I have only done a few classes and I am no expert but the practice of yoga is absolutely intriguing.

In my research, I have found that for a busy human like myself incorporating yoga into my morning routine could be so beneficial to my lifestyle and greatly improve how I start my day. With that said, since my partners over at CarbonAr like to celebrate black yogis I thought I would ask them to share with us 5 simple benefits of incorporating Yoga into our morning routines. Here are the 5 reasons they shared:

1. It can improve your mind and get you ready for the day

Yoga can sharpen your memory and improve your brain function especially before a day that you know will be pretty hectic and you need to be on your toes.

2. It can ease pain and stretch your muscles

If you suffer from chronic pain or any sort of muscle ailment, yoga can help you to improve your body function and virtually eliminate pain. If you have an uncomfortable night or just slept in a pretty bad position a morning yoga session can give you some relief.

3. It releases stress

This was my personal favorite because stress can get very real on a weekly basis. Yoga can help with anxiety, reduce blood pressure and reduce stress and symtoms of depression.

4. It improves your flexibility and balance

With practice, you can improve your flexibility and balance over time which can help with other activities you might have in your life. Yoga training is very complimentary to strength training!

5. It can bring you peace

Practicing yoga early in the morning especially when it is quiet can ease your mind and put you in the perfect mood for solid peaceful meditation. I know for me morning meditation is a great time to reflect on all the things that I am grateful for which sets the tone for a great day.

This post was sponsored by the CarbonAr Om Afro pick comb designed to symbolize the empowerment found in the New Black Yoga Movement, the Om comb combines balance with the transcendental enlightenment that forms the basis of our culture.

Model – Shoshan


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