5 Reasons Black Girls With Gardens Is Our New Favorite Instagram Account

Black Girls With Gardens

Founded by Jasmine Jefferson, Black Girls With Gardens, or BGWG, is an online platform for gardeners, entrepreneurs, and plant mamas to connect and further inspire interest in gardening and other forms of growing and harvesting.

Their website is an incredible tool to expand your knowledge of gardening and caring for house plants, but their Instagram account is nothing short of magical!

It features black women in their most natural element: nurturing themselves, their plants, and each other. Here are 5 reasons why Black Girls With Gardens is our new favorite Instagram account. 

They offer a sense of community among black women gardeners.

Black Girls With Gardens There are thousands of black women who have taken up gardening and caring for plants as both a hobby and career path, and thousands more who are interested in getting involved but don’t know when, where, or how to start.

Black Girls With Gardens effectively bridges that gap. They’ve created a community of black women who encourage and support each other, all while offering up tips and tools to help further the progress and development in their shared love of gardening. 

They provide resources to help other black women get involved.

Black Girls With GardensBlack Girls With Gardens isn’t only an account for admiring other women’s plants and produce, they actually offer resources to help you start or continue your green-thumb journey!

Whether you want to have just a few plants around the house or convert your backyard into a garden that provides food for you and your family, the Black Girls With Gardens website offers consultations, as well as endless informational materials for amateur, intermediate, and experienced gardeners alike.

They acknowledge that caring for plants can be deeply personal. 

Black Girls With Gardens“Following my Christian beliefs, I’m often praying, and praying, for me, is with meditation while just kind of talking,” says author, lawyer, and NAACP nominee Natashia Deon.

“When I’m gardening, I get a chance to keep present and focused and talk to my plants and see if they’re okay.”

And this type of intimate and spiritual experience while gardening and plant care-taking actually isn’t a rarity.

For most gardeners, having a connection with their plants is a major part of why it’s such a fulfilling experience. For others, caring for something outside of themselves is a way to bring about their own self-care.

Black Girls With Gardens places a refreshing focus on women who are not only gardening as a hobby but for healing as well.

They encourage you to harvest your own fruits and vegetables.

Black Girls With Gardens Food deserts describe an area where there is limited access to healthy foods, and research shows that they are more prevalent in minority communities.

Black communities, in particular, have their fair share of issues with healthy foods and educational materials about proper nutrition being inaccessible or underutilized.

The Black Girls With Gardens Instagram account puts a spotlight on women who are growing food for themselves, their families, and their communities—providing inspiration for other black women who may be interested in nourishing themselves and those they care about. 

It’s a genuinely safe space for black women to do what they enjoy. 

Black Girls With GardensThe current state of the world has plagued us with a new set of responsibilities in both our personal and professional lives, making it increasingly difficult to find a safe space where we can let our troubles and concerns go for a moment and step into a place of peace.

Black Girls With Gardens provides a much needed safe space that makes that moment of peace possible for all of us.

It’s a platform that doesn’t focus on the negatives. Instead, they uplift black women by highlighting our happiest times, showcasing our talents and skills, and promoting healing via healthy living. And they do all of it without judgment or discrimination.


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