5 Incredible Scents Worthy of Being Your Signature Fragrance This Fall


Finding the right scent for you doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it definitely becomes one once you realize that certain fragrances can clash with the smell of your lotions, body washes, and even the natural chemical makeup of your body and skin. 

This is especially annoying problem for those of us who want to have go-to seasonal fragrances, but don’t really jive with the scents and tones that come with spring and summer. You know—the citrus notes, florals, and super fruity undertones? Yeah, that. 

Fall is a season where that goes out the window. We’re able to get into the warm, musky, and sultry scents without feeling like they’re too heavy for the day-to-day.

Plus, autumn has some pretty diverse accents. When you’re not in the mood for an exotic and cozy scent, you can go with something light and fresh, or spicy and woodsy, and still effortlessly smell in season.

If you’ve been waiting for the cooler months to roll around so you can find a better perfume for you, you’re in luck! Here are 5 fragrances that are worthy of being your signature scent. 

Yves Saint Laurent Opium, $77

YSL scent

Opium by YSL is characterized by its warm floral tones that are nearly exclusive to the smell and feel of the fall season—with a mysterious and seductive spin. The unsurprisingly woodsy and slightly musky scent of sandalwood leads the way, while clove spices it up and carnation undertones keep it sweet and feminine. 

This scent is the perfect option for nighttime wear and still versatile enough to wear to a romantic dinner date or fun night out on the town. 


Estee Lauder Cinnabar, $60

When we think of cinnamon and clove in the fall-time, it’s typically in the form of a pumpkin spice latte or holiday apple pie, but Estee Lauder found a way to make it exotic and appealing with one of their OG fragrances, Cinnabar.

And indeed, this perfume is downright sexy and alluring. And the patchouli base note? Whew. Earthy and intoxicating. 

This scent actually works better as a once in awhile pick for special occasions; Working best as a standout fragrance for holiday parties, intimate gatherings, and a fancy brunch. 

Rituals Eau d’Orient, $50

Think of what it would feel like to relax into the peace of a garden with the warmth of a golden evening sun draping over your skin.

Rituals Eau d’Orient is that— but in a bottle. Defined by the scent of spicy, yet sweet persian peppers and oriental herbs, this fragrance gives the essence of traditional middle eastern tones. 

This is hands-down a vacation scent. At the very least, this is a fragrance that should be indulged in during the daytime so that the heat of the sun can enhance its strength. 


Laura Mercier L’Heure Magique, $88 

When the sun goes down, it’s the magic hour— and L’Heure Magique encapsulates that vibe perfectly.

Blended with go-to harvest scents such as bergamot, cashmere musk, and amber, this fragrance is the quintessential autumnal aroma that is perfect for everyday wear.

And to be honest, it would transition smoothly into a complementary winter option.

This fragrance should undoubtedly be your go-to. It’s creamy and soft so it blends well with natural body butters, but still strong enough to overpower any other scent in the room. 

SPENCE by Kahh Spence, $40

Vanilla isn’t exactly the first scent we think about when fall comes to mind, but SPENCE by Kahh Spence somehow makes it work for the season.

Wondering how they pulled this off? Our familiar favorite ‘warm florals and tropics’ create a luxuriously botanic undertone that gives traditional vanilla a much more matured and musky tone. 

Kahh Spence is also one of the few black-owned fragrances that we absolutely love, so it’s worth the wear as well as the support. 


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