5 Times MahoganyCurls Gave Me Life With Her Protective Styles


Jess Lewis aka MahoganyCurls has been in the game for a long time, I have followed her for my entire natural journey and I have learned so much.

I think one of the biggest lessons she teaches though is that consistency with a solid regimen can yield great results and consistent results.

At some point in your natural hair journey, you have probably considered or even worn a protective style. You probably added hair to your own hair for braids or crochet braids so this isn’t news to you.

In my own journey, MahoganyCurls and I are pretty similar in our choices in style. I love added hair but for me getting that done is rare.

I prefer styles that keep my ends tucked away because they are simple and quick and I do not have to sit for hours getting anything installed.

Here are few examples of the styles that I love courtesy of the lovely Mahoganycurls:
mahogany curls

This is super simple, just create two braided pigtails, criss cross both at the crown of your head and pin!


With this style straight parts are not important but you should have at least 4-5 defined sections for your flat twists to look sleek. Pin the ends at the back for a beautiful finish to the style.

protectivestyles 2

Flat twist starting at the crown with a sleek side twist. Check out the tutorial for this one below:

protective styles 4

I do this one all the time, right out of the shower on soaking wet hair, I would simply add two French braids on either side of my head then cover with a head wrap.

mahogany curls

Which leads us to this gorgeous photo! A braided style under a traditional head wrap is an amazing protective style because you look great and your hair is untouched underneath. Easy, and with the right wrap this style can get addictive!

How do you protect your hair?


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