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Head wraps alone have held great cultural importance for Black women throughout the years. We wrap our hair for religious reasons, cultural identification, to be fashion forward, and even as a significant part of our hair regimen. Let’s face it, a good head wrap is important! And while we want them to be useful, we also want to look completely fab in them! Here are 5 tips to help you slay your head wraps.

Keep It Simple

white head wraps

One of the benefits of wearing head wraps is how convenient they are on those lazy hair days. At the same time, some of us don’t want to do huge bows or intricate tying because we like to keep it simple–and that’s perfectly fine!

As a great simple style is the faux bun. Secure your wrap on your head and tie the remaining into a “ponytail”. When it’s secure, wrap it around like you’d wrap a hair bun and secure with an elastic band.

Play It Up!

Accessorized head wraps

For some women, their hair is the most fashionable part of their look because you can play it up with different styles and colors. Understandably, wearing a head wrap may tone down your look more than what you wanted. The solution? Accessorize!

Pairing a cute statement necklace and some poppin’ lip gloss might be the subtle slay you need. Or perhaps some throwback gold hoops and bold brows will tie the look together. Take something simple and add your own flavor to it.

Style Your Hair

Curls Turban Head Wraps

Typically, we wrap all of our hair up and show very little–if any–when we sport a head wrap. However, it might be fun to play with our hair a little bit! Soft, face framing curls or finger-waved edges make a plain look elegant. You could even leave your box braid ponytail out the top and add some cute braid cuffs.

Hair can spice up your look, but if you’re wrapping as a protective style, make sure your ends and edges are protected or completely tucked away.

Try Different Colors, Patterns, and Styles

head wraps

Playful patterns, vibrant colors, and new styles make head wraps a one and done style. I think the best use of different colors and patterns is to show love for your heritage or add to an otherwise plain outfit.

One thing is certain, whether you start with basic striped print or working with Ankara wraps, you’ll definitely step out of your comfort zone.

Find A Funky, Fresh, And Creative Brand

head wraps

Companies like CeeCeeCloset NYC , The Wrap Life and Fanm DJanm offer stylish full coverage wraps that dabble in innovative and cultural prints as well as added value such as being Black-owned or offering tutorials and pre-tied wraps.

Trying a new brand or company will not only help you diversify your wrap game, but it’ll bring light and support to new companies with ridiculously creative women and men behind them.


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