29Rooms is literally like Instagram heaven on steroids mixed with an artistic interactive experience for the creative in you.

The traveling cultural exhibit was developed by the makers behind Refinery29 who collab with artistic visionarys to bring contemporary culture to life for exploration and dope photo ops.

We decided to check out the Dallas Exhibit today and it was not only a ton of fun but we learned a few things that will help you have a great time as well.

If you plan to go here are 5 ways to make the most out of your #29rooms experience!

1. Bring your ‘good camera’ but use your phone too

If you plan on taking a ton of photo’s then bring your ‘good’ camera but make sure to use your phone as well. Using your phone will give the opportunity to edit and post on the fly!
emilycottontop 29rooms



2. Take pictures of everything

There is literally so much to take in and so many little signs and pictures that are easy to miss because of how stimulating the exhibit is. Take pictures of everything you see, you never know what cute creative thing you can make with them.

3. Bring friends

Bring your people because they make great props AND there are a ton of interactive games you all can get into as well. If you go alone, do not be afraid to make friends, you would be surprised how great strangers are at getting your angles!

These people? No clue who they are but great pic right?
“Can I help you?” Photographer: @dnites_ @dallasphotolab

4. Avoid ‘cakey’ makeup

Not necessary but helps! Makeup that “photographs” well is ideal, so avoid cakey looks that show up like – “Hi how ya doin” – on camera. Just keep things and natural as possible and choose brands that make quality products.

Oh and blotting paper is clutch!

makeup @lolurnotlana

5. Finally have fun!29rooms

At the end of the day 29Rooms is a ton of fun, so its popularity is no surprise. Grab some snacks, a drink and a few friends get as creative as possible!

If you are in the Dallas area and you have time to visit you only have tomorrow so get your tickets fast. If you are in Atlanta then you are up next so check out their Instagram or website for news about when the popup opens for you.

Have you been to 29Rooms? What was your experience like? Comment below!

Muse: @jamexicangal


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