54 Year Old Viola Davis Is The New Face Of L’Oreal Paris

Viola Davis and Loreal Paris

In this day and age it’s probably not necessary to mention a woman’s age when celebrating her as the face of brand because the lines are so blurred. Young and Fresh can mean a typical 24 year old or it can mean a 54 year old classic, all natural, mature, sexy ass black woman! Today Delphine Viguier-Hovassee Global Brand President for L’Oreal Paris introduced Viola Davis as the new face of their brand and we are thrilled at their choice.

“We are thrilled to welcome Viola as a member of our family,” shared Delphine Viguier-Hovasse, Global Brand President for L’Oréal Paris. “Viola’s tenacity, authenticity, and bold spirit resonate with and inspire so many people. She challenges the status quo in all aspects of life and her drive to succeed has proven itself time after time – she leads by example and is the perfect conduit to elevate our core message, ‘Because I’m Worth It’.”

Viola shared that she worked really hard to get to where she is today:

“I worked tremendously hard to get where I am today – overcoming feelings of doubt to become a woman who truly believes I am ‘worth it’ in every way. I believe it’s so important to build confidence in women from a young age, and to role model diverse perspectives of beauty,” said Davis.

At 54, Davis says she hopes to convey that there is beauty at every age. “There’s classical beauty, but with age and experience comes confidence—and there is nothing more beautiful than that,” said Davis.

“To now be part of a brand that has been championing women’s worth for more than 40 years and to use my voice to help empower others is truly surreal.”

I’ve spent the past 20 years being vague about my age (shall we call it “vaguing”?), mainly because when I was around 34 or 35 (and feeling that 40 represented the beginning of the end … ), a friend told me she lied about hers. I thought she was wise, so I followed suit. The older I got, the more my age became my protected secret, and the more I feared being aged out of a world that focused on doing whatever it took to look younger.

I’ll be the first to admit that the number still trips up my tongue any time I’m asked how old I am, but it’s like a secret handshake now (“You’re over 50? Me too!”).

Cant wait to see more of this timeless beauty as she represents L’Oreal.


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