Here’s Are Six Not So ‘Hush Hush’ Beauty Secrets to Steal From Your Favorite Stars


Nana’s stash of spices and products isn’t just the secret to plate-licking food.

They’re also the secret to glowing skin and flourishing strands.

And while you might assume commoners are the only people who whip up a kitchen-based facemask, you’d be surprised to know that your favorite celebrities also rave about the benefits of DIY beauty recipes.

From Priyanka’s sandalwood-based body scrub to Shay Mitchell’s beet lip stain, here are six celebrity-approved beauty hacks you can try out.

Joan Smalls’ DIY Lash Serum

Joan Smalls celebrity secrets

With summer coming up, you need to ensure every part of your body is adequately hydrated. And yes, that includes your lashes.

To moisturize hers, Joan Smalls whips up a mixture of castor oil, coconut oil, and lavender oil, puts it on a brush and applies it to her eyelashes.

Bonus Tip: This hydration recipe also works for your edges. No more buying $$$ edge-moisturizing products!


Priyanka Chopra’s Ubtan Body Scrub

Priyanka should be crowned the queen of DIY beauty hacks because sis has a whole book load of them. Her favorite? The Ubtan body scrub recipe.

To use it, simply:

  • Add a cup of gram flour to a bowl
  • Mix a few of lemon juice and some plain yoghurt. If you have oily skin, swap the full-fat Greek yogurt for the no-fat or low-fat options.
  • Add some milk to thin it out. Again, if you have oily skin or don’t like whole milk, swap it out for skim milk.
  • Add some sandalwood powder (the secret ingredient) and turmeric to the mix
  • Slather it on your whole body and let it sit for 30 minutes
  • Rinse it off as you take a shower

Gram flour is an excellent exfoliator, while milk and yogurt help hydrate your skin while sloughing off dead skin cells thanks to their lactic acid.

Sandalwood helps blast acne-triggering bacteria and soothes your skin, while turmeric reduces inflammation. Lemon juice helps brighten your skin for that much-needed glow.


Winnie Harlow’s Face Mask

The fashion/beauty entrepreneur believes in the power of a good skincare routine. The secret to her super good looks? The Manuka facemask.

Harlow whips a blend of Manuka honey, Aztec clay, and apple cider vinegar with mother until it forms a paste-like mixture. Shen then applies it with a fork and lets it sit for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off with some warm water.


Princess Nokia’s Coffee Scrub

It doesn’t get much easier than taking your morning coffee and slathering it on your face. For the rap empress, a Café Bustelo–infused exfoliation treatment is the secret to her goddess ski and always-glowing complexion.

To use it, mix Café Bustelo espresso coffee grounds with jojoba oil and water before spreading it all over your face. Scrub your face, including your eyelids, for five minutes, then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

The result? A preternatural radiance that will have your nemesis green with envy.


Jasmine Tooke’s Icy Secret

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to cryotherapy, head to your freezer, take an ice cube and rub it into your skin until it melts. It’s the secret to anti-aging, beguiling and Jasmine Tooke’s radiant complexion.

Top Tip: Be sure to do this at night, after cleansing your face.


Shay Mitchell’s Beet Lip Color

No fancy-ass glosses or luxe lip stains for Shay. For her, raw beets are the well-kept secret to natural lip color.

To try it out, cut up some beet pieces, rub them on your lips and voila! Natural rosy lips that last the whole day. It’s the most budget-friendly lip tint you can ever have.

What’s more, beets are good for your heart health, so be sure to munch on them too.

There you have it! The secret to red carpet-worthy beauty.

Which one are you dying to try? Be sure t let us know!



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