4 Feminine Hygiene Products That Definitely Deserve A Permanent Spot In Your Purse


Feminine hygiene can be a tricky thing to discuss because there’s a certain level of shyness surrounding it. However, we’re all grown here, so it would be absurd to be embarrassed  about something so natural and normal like caring for yourself.

From developing healthy hygiene habits to learning what it takes to smell good all day, making sure your hygiene is up to par is something we should be able to openly discuss. Thank goodness there are brands who are not only helping lead the discussion, but they’re offering up some really great products to help us stay clean, confident, and healthy. 

And keeping feminine hygiene items on hand isn’t just about what we do at home, either! Sometimes we need to make sure everything is straight while on the go and we need the right products to help us along the way.

Luckily for us, there are plenty to choose from, but we can’t possibly list them all. So for now, here are 4 of our favorites. 

The Honey Pot Company Sensitive Wipes

Feminine hygiene wipes

Sensitive wipes aren’t anything new. There are tons of brands who offer them, but The Honey Pot Company has something special with their travel-friendly wet wipes. Made with a plant-based, herbal formula, these bad boys balance your pH and keep you fresh all day. 

The best part about it is that they aren’t just for your intimate parts. You can swipe your armpits after the gym or even remove your makeup with absolutely no irritation. 


Ruby Love Double Sided Pads

We all know what a regular pad is all about: cotton on one side and a sticky film on the other so it’ll stay in place. But have you heard of these cool double-sided pads by Ruby Love? They’re leak proof, comfortable to wear, and get this—they’re reusable. 

Now I know reusable pads don’t sound appealing at first, but these pads are so absorbent that they also block odor, making them great to keep handy for on-the-go emergencies. 


Flo 100% Organic Cotton Tampons 

If you don’t know, organic sanitary items are ideal for period management because they’re free of the chemicals that cause heavy, uncomfortable periods. Flo’s Organic Tampons in particular are great because they do just that, plus offer up a smooth, comfortable fit. 

Not to mention that they’re biodegradable, plant-based, and free of plastic which means they’re much better for our bodies and the environment than regular tampons and pads.

Kushae Natural Feminine Deodorant Spray 

When something is tested by a well-respected OBGYN, you know the health of our bodies is truly at the forefront of the brand’s mission. This is especially true for Kushae’s Natural Feminine Deodorant Spray that works to support your pH balance, instead of upset it. 

The unique thing about this spray is that it neutralizes odor instead of masks it. You won’t smell like flowers, but you’ll smell like the cleanest, freshest version of you. 

What are some feminine hygiene products that you swear by? Open the discussion by letting us know in the comments below!


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