6 Shows On Netflix Every Black Girl Should Watch


Looking for some great shows with strong, black female leads on Netflix? Here are 6 binge-worthy series every black girl should watch!

Chewing Gum (2015-2017)

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Genre: Sitcom
Black Female Leads: Michaela Cola

This witty, and sometimes completely outrageous, British sitcom centers Tracey Gordon (Michaela Cola)—a religious 24-year-old shop assistant with a slightly unhealthy Beyonce obsession and a yearning to explore the more worldly and wild things in life.

Dear White People (2017- )

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Genre: Comedy-Drama
Black Female Leads: Logan Browning

Based on the critically acclaimed film of the same name, this Netflix original follows a group of black and biracial students trying to navigate all of the racism, microaggressions, cultural bias, and personal dilemmas that come with going to a predominately white college. Using humor and some much-needed honesty, Dear White People has all of the makings of a solid series.

Being Mary Jane (2013-2019)

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Genre: Drama
Black Female Lead: Gabrielle Union

Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union) is a successful news anchor that seemingly has it all; a bunch of money, a nice house, and all of the designer shoes you could ever ask for. Except, she acts as the glue to a family that regularly falls apart, is arguably a pretty bad friend, and has a love life that puts her somewhere between being hopelessly lonely and being a married man’s side chick.

Siempre Bruja: Always A Witch (2019- )

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Genre: Fantasy Drama
Black Female Lead: Angely Gaviria

Carmen, portrayed by Angely Gaviria, is a 19-year-old slave and witch who has committed the ultimate crime: falling in love with a white man. In order to escape the punishment of death, a wizard offers her the chance at a completely new life as a college student in modern-day Colombia. But there’s a catch: if she wants to stay safe and keep her ability to time travel, she must give up all of her powers as a witch. The question is, will she?

On My Block (2018- )

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Genre: Coming-of-Age
Black Female Lead: Sierra Capri

This funny coming-of-age series follows 4 childhood friends from the predominately black and Hispanic neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles as they take the awkward, adventurous, and drama-filled journey through high school. Monse (Sierra Capri) and her friends Ruby, Jamal, and Cesar come face to face with situations that not only force them into maturity, but tests their friendships as well.

She’s Gotta Have It (2018- )

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Genre: Romantic Comedy
Black Female Lead: DeWanda Wise

This Netflix-adaptation of the critically acclaimed Spike Lee movie, She’s Gotta Have It, is a spicy and contemporary look into the life of Brooklyn-based artist, Nola Darling (DeWanda Wise), as she juggles friends, work, and all three of charming love interests. This fresh spin also further develops the feminist and sexual ideals of Nola Darling, making her a character that celebrates female independence and our diverse identities.

And if you’re looking for a few great movies…

Juanita (2019)

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Genre: Comedy-Drama
Black Female Lead: Alfre Woodard

In an attempt to redevelop her own identity outside of family responsibilities and love woes, Juanita (played by Alfre Woodard) leaves her grown kids and all of their drama behind in hopes to find her much-needed fresh start in Paper Moon, Montana.

Nappily Ever After (2018)

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Genre: Drama
Black Female Lead: Sanaa Lathan

When Violet Jones (Sanaa Lathan) severely damages her long, luxurious hair during a relaxer-gone-wrong, she’s forced to reevaluate how much of her identity is tied up into the superficial things in life. She does an emotionally-charged big chop as a last-ditch effort to solve her problems, and ends up finding much more.

Roxanne, Roxanne (2018)

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Genre: Biography
Black Female Lead: Chanté Adams

Roxanne Roxanne is a biographical film about how Hip Hop legend Roxanne Shanté got her start as a rapper on the streets of Queens, New York at the age of 14. Battling through career drama, abuse, family issues, and the struggles of being a young mother, Roxanne Roxanne show that even the biggest obstacles can’t keep you from securing your spot as one of the greats.



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