6 Things You Can Do To Speed Up Your Hair Growth


Hair growth is a hot topic, and considering the amount of questions we have received over the years on Blackhairinfomation we always make it a point to give the subject extra special attention.

Hair growth is no longer a priority of mine, meaning I am not measuring my hair every month and counting inches at this point in my hair journey.

For me, health is wealth because when my hair is healthy it looks better and the curls show themselves off a bit more.

If you are focused on growth I encourage you to get focused on health even more and put the tape measure down! Here are my 6 things you can do to speed up your growth.

1. Get a trim

Yes, that’s crazy, I know, so I figure I better get it out of the way first. Trimming your hair ensures that the oldest parts of your hair are in tip-top shape to withstand damage that can travel up the strand. Trim off the damage and start the health and growth process fresh.

2. Eat your greens

Growth starts from within, if you aren’t juicing, start now! It is the best way to get a ton of veggies in quickly especially when pressed for time. I intend to have a ton of juice recipes on this website so stay tuned for that. Your hair flourishes from great internal health, so focus on what you eat every day!

3. Exercise

Increased blood flow over all is great for the scalp so do not be afraid to sweat! Your hair will flourish from the increased circulation.

4. Get a scalp massage

If you love scalp massages, then you are in luck because your scalp does too. Scalp massages with oils like tea tree oil and peppermint oil encourage blood flow to the scalp and will lead to hair growth.

Use an oil mix and include essential oils that are geared towards increased circulation. You can massage your scalp as often as you would like, once a week or even daily if you prefer.

5. Take a hair vitamin

Hair vitamins can help because the good ones will contain all the vitamins and minerals you need to create hair growth. You can always improve your diet but adding a great supplement is very helpful

6. Deep condition your hair

This is more of a growth retention suggestion rather than something that causes growth because your hair never stops growing.

When you get into the habit of deep conditioning your hair you will give it the moisture and strength it needs to retain the length you do get.

There you have it, notice I did not mention any specific products *wink*


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