6 Times @lovelyoverdose Gave Us ‘Natural Hair Is Art’ Realness And Killed It


I do not know if Morgan knows this but I am a real fan of her hair and her celebration of it using color and accessories.

As we head into black history month (hell we are here now) I really want to celebrate not just the old but the present. All of the times we as black women and men (shout out to mr.cottontop) celebrate our natural beauty including our hair.

You can find @lovelyoverdose on Instagram and if you check her feed out you will see picture after picture of her hair in all its glory with hints of color and jewelry in the form of super stunning photographs. She is a living representation of what it means when we say ‘Natural Hair is Art’

Check out 6 of the pictures I stole today!

Gorgeous right? Go on ahead Morgan! Keep killing it! Comment below and let me know how you get creative with your natural hair and who do you get inspo from!


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