6 Valentines Day Gift Ideas For The Afrocentric Woman In Your Life


ahh, Valentine’s day, the one day a year we either boycott because we want the world to know that we do not need a special day to show our partners love. Or the day that we do a little something nice for our loves just to say hey I appreciate you.

If you aren’t in the boycotting mood and you acknowledge the day of love then this post is for you. I have been thinking about this post quite a bit because I knew wanted to pull something together that was different from the traditional fruit arrangements and old fashioned chocolates (even though you can throw those in too).

This year I wanted to give you some ideas one what you can give your spouse or significant other surrounding an Afrocentric, afro, black af theme.

1. A head wrap

Guys! if you want to really impress your naturalista with a little token of appreciation, get her a head wrap. Two of my favorite companies to shop from include The Wrap Life and Fanmd Janm. Head wraps protect her hair, they are stylish and a very thoughtful gift!

2. African Pendant Necklace

Confession, I have been eying these for a long time so I am a bit biased but I love map pendants especially of the Motherland and I know she will too. Nia, pictured above wears hers all the time just as a way to keep Africa with her and I think it would make a lovely gift for that conscious lady in your lie.

3. His and Her Hand Made Picks and Beard Combs from CarbonAr

CarbonAr is a friend to the blog so there is no way I was going to do an Afrocentric gift guide and not include them. These handmade picks and combs are perfect for any fro and girls if you have a man in your life with a beard, the beard combs make a perfect gift. Use Discount Code: EMILYCOTTONTOP for 15% off!

4. My Puff Rocks Earings by Harcolby

I loved these when I saw them the first time and if your girl wears her puff proudly (that’s when she puts all her hair at the top her head and let her kinks fly free.. don’t act like you have never seen her do it) these earrings are super cute and super affordable.

5. Coloring Pins

We adore these coloring pins! Call them afro-centric, call them an ode to natural hair, call them what you want just know she will love them. Make a valentines day care package, pick a pin, a patch, a sticker and a few other nick nacks and you will have her heart put it together in some fancy packaging and you will have her heart.

6. A sacred space self-care kit

If you have a working girl in your life that takes time out to do self-care every now and again, you can contribute to her efforts with a self-care starter kit from The Wrap Life. The kit includes hand cut soap, a Palo Santo Stick bundle and 1 Breu Incense bundle. Click this link for more details!

7. A Melanin Tee or accessory from the Melanin Phactor

Melanin is dripping from ME. I am dripping in melanin is one of the mottos for any black girl who celebrates her magic daily and the tag line for this dope brand! If you have a magical black girl in your life she is bound to love one of items from the Melanin Phactor.

I am particularly biased to the metallic print on the front of their apparel pieces and the material looks so comfortable and soft, perfect for her.

Ok now get to shopping!


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