7 Women Rocking Thick Short Faux Locs You Should See + Two Tutorials


Have you ever wanted to try chunky short faux locs or goddess locs? If you have then this post is for you! I am going to be completely shameless and admit that this entire post was inspired by Nikithatt or @naturalbabe10.11_pro on Instagram. (She is pictured above)

She has the cutest locs and on her insta she often shares a lot of the styles she has done in her own client’s hair. Her locs are different because they are short and semi chunky in comparison to what you would typically see on the market. Check out 6 more of the styles below:

short faux locs

short fax locs

short faux locs

short faux locs

short faux locs

short faux locs

Ofcourse this post would not be complete without a tutorial or three so if you want to do your own chunky locs (the goddess faux locs version) then watch the below tutorials:

Tutorial 1

How to do Brosia’s Bae locs:

Purchase the hair on Amazon here.

Tutorial 2

Tutorial 3

Then there is this video which is slightly different from the chunky locs but still really cute for the girl who still wants something a little smaller in width, still bob like but that looks very realistic.

Watch below:

Comment below and let me know if you would try short faux locs!



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